Whales transferred nearly $ 75 million Bitcoin to Bitstamp and Binance, pump or dump are waiting ahead?

In the past 24 hours, about $ 46 million of Bitcoin has been transferred to Bitstamp. Besides, approximately $ 28.5 million has also been transferred to Binance. All from unknown wallets. Are Bitcoin whales waking up?

As the new year began, not only did the massive amount of XRP begin to be transferred but also the large amounts of money in Bitcoin.

More than $ 45 million of BTC was transferred to Bitstamp

According to Whale Alert, there are three transfers with a total of 5,000 BTC from unknown wallets to the Bitstamp exchange. The total value is nearly 37 million dollars.

Whales bitcoin 1

Source: Twitter

Although the third transaction also refers to an unknown wallet, but according to the details provided by Whale Alert, it can be seen that it is made between two wallets belonging to Bitstamp.

On January 1, a 1250 BTC transaction (~ $ 8.9M) was transferred from an unknown wallet to Bitstamp.

In the comment thread, some people are expressing the opinion that Bitcoin whales are moving their money. Many people believe that this move on Bitstamp often leads to the price pump.

bitstamp 2

Source: Twitter

Whales also transfer Bitcoin to Binance

Over the past 24 hours, Whale Alert has also reported several consecutive transactions from unknown wallets to Binance. A total of 4074 BTC was transferred, equivalent to nearly 30 million Bitcoin.

Bitcoin 3

Source: Twitter

Contrary to the reaction when whales transfer BTC to Bitstamp, most users also believe that a dump is imminent with Bitcoin when the whale moves to Binance.

Bitcoin binance 2

Source: Twitter

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