Whales shifts massive amounts of Dogecoin to cold wallets while price remains under $0.07 resistance

A significant sum of Dogecoin (DOGE) was reportedly transferred from the Binance exchange to an address that might have been a cold crypto wallet about eight hours ago. While trying its hardest to break through the $0.0760 resistance level, Dogecoin has so far been unable to do so.

It has succeeded in rising to this level multiple times, but it has fallen back each time. The meme coin is attempting to bounce back from March 3, a significant red hourly candle decline of more than 8%.

An unidentified whale withdrew a total of 67,455,315 DOGE about eight hours ago. This portion of the original meme token cost $5,097,050 when purchased.

The @DogeWhaleAlert tracker reported in its “Weekly Whale Watch” that whales moved 1,880,918,570 DOGE over the previous week. The value of these meme coins is $148,938,207. 116 transactions totaling at least 5 million DOGE were used to transfer this enormous quantity.

The popular trading software Robinhood currently has 24.25% of the total supply of DOGE in circulation, according to the same source, @DogeWhaleAlert. This is equal to 33,562,118,378 DOGE, or $2,515,849,956 in value.

As of the last seven days, Dogecoin was ranked among the top 10 assets by Weekly Search Popularity, indicating its popularity is rising.

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