Wagyu Games Studio Launches Undead Blocks, a Multiplayer Zombie Survival FPS on ImmutableX

Wagyu Games Studio, a web3 game development company founded by former Goldman Sachs analyst Grant Haseley, has announced the launch of its free-to-play multiplayer zombie survival first-person shooter (FPS), Undead Blocks on ImmutableX. ImmutableX is a preferred platform for building and scaling web3 games on Ethereum.

Undead Blocks is the first multiplayer zombie FPS on ImmutableX, where players can collect and upgrade a wide range of weapons to survive endless hordes of zombies. Each weapon comes in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT) and can be customized to increase damage, ammo capacity, and accuracy.

The game is currently in beta and can be played on PC, Mac, and internet browsers, with controller compatibility. It will soon be available on mobile devices via a special cloud gaming service, allowing it to feature AAA-level visuals on most modern smartphones without any hindrances.

In Undead Blocks, players can play alongside their friends or random people and participate in tournaments to earn ZBUX, a digital currency that can be used to acquire rare weapons and character skins. They can also stake UNDEAD, the game’s deflationary utility and governance token, to earn more ZBUX tokens or special weapon NFTs.

ImmutableX’s robust scaling solutions and frameworks will ensure that all Undead Blocks-related transactions are as cheap and fast as possible, including gas-free NFT minting. Additionally, users won’t need to set up separate digital wallets; instead, they simply use their email addresses to register and start playing for free immediately.

According to Grant Haseley, executive director of Wagyu Games, Immutable’s laser focus on web3 gaming, community building, innovation, fairness, and inclusivity has made it the perfect choice for them. Combined with their cloud gaming service, which allows interactive gameplay to be processed on remote servers and live-streamed to any mobile device, they are about to make another massive step towards their joint mission to onboard the next billion users to web3.

Undead Blocks has already attracted a loyal community of around 2,500 active daily players, with more than 100,000 people playing the game over the past quarter alone. The full launch of Undead Blocks on PC, Mac, and browsers is scheduled for February 28, bringing with it more quests, challenges, and a plethora of other improvements and new features. The game’s mobile beta, including its cloud-based service that will bring console-grade graphics quality to anyone with a smartphone, will follow later this year.

Immutable is powering the next generation of web3 games through ImmutableX, the leading developer platform for building and scaling mainstream-ready web3 games on Ethereum, entirely carbon neutral and gas-free. ImmutableX offers unparalleled support to launch a successful web3 game on Ethereum. Many world-class web3 games are built on ImmutableX, including Gods Unchained, Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, Planet Quest, and many more.

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