Visit the Cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova $18.2 million London penthouse

The Onecoin Ponzi project is still causing a stir as reports from a trial in Germany reveal that the missing Cryptoqueen, Ruja Ignatova, bought a London penthouse worth $18.2 million from Onecoin. The Münster court result stems from the trial against Martin Breidenbach, Ignatova’s German lawyer, accused of money laundering.

Ruja Ignatova, the founder of Onecoin, is not missing

Ruja bought a penthouse in London through a shell company, according to a recent report from the BBC. The report highlights that Martin Breidenbach, Ruja’s German lawyer, is on trial in Münster, Germany, and two others on Onecoin money laundering charges. Reports published years ago show that Breidenbach started working on Onecoin in 2014. Now Breidenbach is accused of money laundering after transferring $23 million.

The lawyer worked with the law firm Breidenbach Rechtsanwälte. And according to many witnesses, they claim that the lawyer was also a director of Onecoin Limited (Gibraltar) for eight months in 2015 and a partner of the company Cryptoreal RSB Central GmbH (Switzerland). Breidenbach’s experiment, along with findings from British author, BBC journalist, and Missing Cryptoqueen podcast host Jamie Bartlett, shows that Ruja enjoys.


Cryptoqueen Ruja Ignatova’s $18.2 million London penthouse

Reports describe that the four-bedroom luxury apartment hides several exquisite works of art, including a rare piece by Andy Warhol. A shell company purchased these assets in 2016 called Cryptoqueen.

Reports highlight that Cryptoqueen stayed at the luxury apartment in 2016 but didn’t spend much time there. The owner of this penthouse is called Abbots House Penthouse Limited. Meanwhile, Ruja has been missing since 2017, and despite worldwide search efforts, she has not come back negative. Onecoin is considered one of the most significant crypto-related Ponzi projects ever and also the first one.

“In our opinion, the Onecoin is a legitimate product”, stated 2014 the Breidenbach Rechtsanwälte Law Firm.

The German law office Breidenbach Rechtsanwälte in 2014 legalized the idea that Onecoin is a cryptocurrency, even though it has no blockchain or any resemblance to any blockchain technology.

“Most countries have recognized cryptocurrencies as a bona fide commodity, which may be held and traded by their citizens.  In our opinion, the ‘Onecoin’ is a legitimate product, limited to 2.1 billion (coins)”, the law firm added in December 2014.

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