[Video] Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Cryptocurrency Is Potentially The Cash Of The Future

In this video Gali asks Elon Musk about Bitcoin and what he thinks of the cryptocurrency. The is clip excerpt from “Third Row Tesla Podcast” on January 20.

One month ago, Elon Musk — the Founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla published the innuendo-filled tweet below.

This was far from the first time in mentioned cryptocurrency is a joking context on Twitter.

On April Fool’s Day last year, the billionaire technology joked that Dogecoin, a long-standing digital asset for fun-loving, meme-centric netizens, might actually be his favorite cryptocurrency.

Musk later took the mantle as the first (and last) ‘CEO’ of Dogecoin. The entrepreneur quickly replaced his Twitter biography with a short “CEO of Dogecoin.”

And there was that one time when Musk pretended to be an Ethereum scam bot on Twitter.

While Musk has a habit of poking fun at the cryptocurrency community as seen above, the prominent technologist actually has a developed thesis on digital assets, specifically in regards to what problems they can solve in the future and what threats they can pose in the current.

On January 20, Elon Musk appeared on the Third Row Tesla Podcast to discuss a variety of topics regarding his past companies, current work, and thoughts on the future of technology. At one point in the conversation, Musk was asked for his thoughts on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, a subject he has been known to tweet about somewhat frequently.

“I’m neither here nor there on Bitcoin,” said Musk in terms of his general thoughts on the financial technology.

Musk was then asked to share how he felt after he read Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin white paper for the first time, to which the Tesla CEO responded, “I thought it was pretty clever.”

While Musk sees value in Bitcoin as a tool for illegal transactions, he does not appear to be a fan of the “digital gold” thesis around the asset as a store of value.

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