Venezuelan Authorities Bust Tocorón Prison: Unveil Bitcoin Mining Operation and Arsenal of Weapons

In a dramatic operation aimed at dismantling South America’s most notorious organized crime group, Venezuelan authorities deployed a staggering 11,000 troops to raid the Tocorón prison in Aragua state. This high-stakes mission, launched on Wednesday, involved not only the recovery of the penitentiary but also the seizure of a surprising treasure trove—Bitcoin miners. The operation sent shockwaves through the nation as it unveiled the sinister underbelly of gang-controlled facilities, replete with illicit activities and heavy weaponry.

The Tocorón prison, long-held as the fortified headquarters of the Tren de Aragua gang, came under siege by more than 11,000 police and military personnel, supported by tanks and armored vehicles. The Tren de Aragua gang, known to operate in Venezuela and extend its influence into neighboring Latin American countries, had turned the prison into a bastion of criminal enterprise.

Interior and Justice Minister Remigio Ceballos, addressing reporters, revealed that four prison guards had been arrested on suspicion of aiding and abetting gang members within the facility. He sternly declared, “There will be no impunity. We will go against all the criminals and accomplices.” Ceballos commended the operation as a resounding success, dealing a significant blow to criminal organizations.

After successfully regaining control of the prison, the government swiftly began relocating its 1,600 inmates to alternative facilities. What was uncovered within the prison’s walls was nothing short of astounding. Gang-installed amenities included a zoo, a pool, gambling rooms, a disco, a baseball field, and even a restaurant. Some inmates had been living luxuriously with their partners until they were ousted during the operation.

Buckets of bullets and ammunition belts were seized from within the prison 

The weaponry seized during the operation painted a chilling picture of the gang’s arsenal. Sniper rifles, explosives, rocket launchers, and grenades were confiscated. Authorities displayed buckets filled with bullets, substantial caches of machine gun ammunition belts, and an unexpected find—Bitcoin mining machines.

These cryptocurrency mining machines, discovered within the prison, offered a surprising twist to the unfolding drama. Bitcoin mining, usually associated with sophisticated technology setups, was being conducted in the most unconventional of places. The exact extent of the operation and its implications are yet to be fully understood.

Despite the government’s assertion of regaining control, it was revealed that some inmates managed to escape during the intense crackdown, although specific details remain undisclosed. Ceballos disclosed that gang leaders had subjected other prisoners to deplorable conditions, effectively holding them in a state of “slavery.”

Tren de Aragua, Venezuela’s most formidable indigenous criminal organization, boasts an estimated 5,000 members. This nefarious gang emerged approximately a decade ago and is embroiled in a multitude of criminal activities, including kidnappings, robberies, drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion, and illegal gold mining. Furthermore, InSight Crime, a think tank specializing in organized crime analysis, asserts that the gang plays a significant role in migrant smuggling.

As Venezuelan authorities continue to grapple with the fallout of this audacious operation, the nation stands at a crossroads. The raid on Tocorón prison has unveiled the stark reality of organized crime’s influence on the country’s institutions and the relentless efforts to combat it. The discovery of Bitcoin mining machines amidst the arsenal of weapons adds an unexpected layer to this intricate web of criminality, leaving many questions unanswered.

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