[Vechain] VeCarbon — Decarbonising The Food Sector One Data Point At A Time

VeCarbon — Decarbonising The Food Sector One Data Point At A Time

From inception, VeCarbon has been driven by independent research and technological development, boasting a 20-member expert research team that ultimately helped build the Shanghai Environment and Energy Exchange.

The carbon management SaaS platform combines professional carbon consulting and carbon reduction methodology services, allowing enterprises to quickly flesh out and act on carbon reduction strategies. The project is committed to building a blockchain-enabled digital innovation platform that serves the burgeoning low-carbon economy while catering for business and governmental needs through a rapidly deployable system.

Proudly, VeCarbon contributes to China’s carbon neutrality strategy, and contributes to global sustainable development goals by being tackling the emissions from a wide array of industries including chemical, building materials, food and beverage, paper, transportation and more. We expect VeCarbon to be able to scale rapidly in the coming years in-line with growing demand for digital carbon management services.

VeCarbon’s Food Carbon Management Platform

The United Nations Global Corporate Net Zero Pathway highlighted the many urgent challenges facing global food production. Produce goes through multiple production stages before it reaches the table, including R&D, harvesting, storage, processing, distribution and ultimately, retail — all of which generate greenhouse gases.

Action on food supply-chain related emissions necessitates engagement with a wide range of stakeholders, from consumers to suppliers, farmers, logistics firms and retail purchasers. The upside of this mass collaboration is a greatly increased scope for positive climate outcomes. Viewing the supply chain and its participants holistically will deliver many climate-related and social benefits such as reducing packaging and more effectively tackling food waste.

With the introduction of China’s 3060 target and the strengthening of carbon emission policies, facilitating better management of carbon emissions is an imperative for China and the whole globe. As such, VeCarbon fills an important niche for China’s national development that positions it incredibly. We explore ways VeCarbon can benefit global food supply chains below.

Application Scenarios for VeCarbon’s Food SaaS Platform

01: Food supply chain carbon management

The VeCarbon platform features a carbon management system that helps enterprises in the food sector manage their carbon emissions as well as those of their suppliers. Stakeholders are able to easily implement carbon reduction measures at key emission points, facilitating the optimization of production processes and driving low carbon food manufacture, reduced waste and lowered energy consumption.

The platform calculates emission reductions using a carbon reduction methodology that will form a carbon neutrality index for the sector, providing benchmarks that will act to guide national food production down a green path.

02: Carbon asset management services

By integrating with VeCarbon’s emission reduction system, the user gains a carbon asset module able to digitise and manage the carbon assets of enterprises. The platform helps construct and implement carbon emissions reduction methodologies by providing a quantitative calculation service and auditing/documentation of key data related to digital carbon assets. With this, VeCarbon greatly enhances the efficacy of enterprise carbon emission reduction projects and enables participation in carbon market trading, opening access to further secondary markets.

03: Green eco-marketing; Carbon footprint labels that empower consumers

As more enterprises join the ecosystem and more precise and refined carbon data is gained, VeCarbon can provide ever more granular insights, providing highly precise carbon labels from products themselves. The label would include the carbon data of raw materials, procurement, packaging and logistics and so on, empowering consumers to choose products based on carbon emissions data. In a global economy where sustainability is at the forefront of development, such technologies provide invaluable marketing opportunities as well as help consumers make informed choices.

The Future is VeCarbon

VeCarbon is more than just a piece of technology — it is a vital tool that can advance society and serve humanity by creating transparency and trust in opaque, siloed data streams. The level of collaboration the technology can enable is beyond anything that has come before.

At VeChain, we are proud to spearhead real world use cases for blockchain technology. It is a revolution, and it is speeding towards our daily lives. We are very excited to see where it takes us all, so join us for what promises to be an exciting ride!

About VeChain

Launched in 2015, the VeChain Foundation has worked tirelessly to build bridges between blockchain technology and the real world. VeChainThor’s evolution continues to gather pace, transitioning from consortium network to a best-in-class public blockchain platform. As the ecosystem enabler, the Foundation’s mission is to empower builders and innovators by developing tools that systematically eliminate adoption hurdles and lower entry barriers for businesses and developers alike.

VeChainThor has already been applied across a diverse array of use cases, aiding the daily operations of corporations and creating new value and efficiencies. Alongside key strategic partners PwC and DNV, VeChain has collaborated with world-leading enterprises including Walmart China, Bayer China, BMW Group, BYD Auto, PICC, Shanghai Gas, LVMH, D.I.G, ASI Group and more.

For more information, including developer tools/documents and foundation grants, please visit: www.vechain.org

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