VeChain Foundation Partnerships With the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub

VeChain Foundation has announced on December 18 that the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) Blockchain Innovation Hub joined the VeResearch program to address issues such as governance and other technological hurdles facing the industry.

The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub is the world’s first research centre focused on the social science of blockchain and unites a world-class team of economists and social science researchers, including Professor Jason Potts, chief investigator of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society (ADM+S) and editor of the Australian government’s National Blockchain Roadmap.

“Blockchain governance plays a vital role in growing a healthy and sustainable blockchain ecosystem. This research collaboration is going to answer some of the most important and fundamental questions about blockchain governance and will contribute to the long-term growth of VeChain’s ecosystem and to achieving our goal of mass adoption”, Chief Scientist Dr. Peter Zhou, the head of VeResearch said.

Dr Chris Berg, Co-Director of the RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub, commented that, “ The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub is excited to be working with one of the world’s leading blockchain platforms to explore and research governance models for public blockchains. With this important research we are hoping to build towards a general theory of blockchain governance contributing to VeChain’s ecosystem and providing benefit to the broader blockchain community”.

The RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub is an interdisciplinary team of researchers in economics, political-economy, organizational theory, law, sociology, politics and communications.

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