Use $20 to buy Rocket Bunny and wake up with a massive $1.3 trillion but can’t withdraw it, what do you do?

What if you go to bed early and wake up in the morning like a trillionaire? This is the story of Christopher Williamson, a student at the Georgia nursing school. After buying $20 of a cryptocurrency called Rocket Bunny on Coinbase earlier this week, he woke up one morning to find himself in possession of $1.3 trillion. However, he later realized that this was just a technical error coming from the exchange.

Christopher Williamson is a trillionaire with a net worth of $1.3 trillion Rocket Bunny but he can’t take his money out

The man from Georgia says he invested $20 in a fringe cryptocurrency called Rocket Bunny. Rocket Bunny’s price is very small, never higher than $0.0000000007. He woke up Tuesday to find that his humble $20 had multiplied around 65 billion times.

He stated:

“I woke up, it’s like 9 a.m. and I always check my phone to check how my crypto to see how it’s doing and I like looked at it, I’m waking up, and I’m just like, ‘Naw, I’m sleeping. I look at it again and I’m like… at that point I fall out of my bed literally, and I run to my desk and I’m logging into the Coinbase app and stuff and I’m talking to my friends, got him on the phone and I’m like, ‘Dude, you need to help me figure out how to sell this now!”

After discovering, the guy quickly withdrew but Coinbase kept reporting an error. Williamson said when he attempted to move the cryptocurrency to another wallet, but it wasn’t showing the same price. That’s when contacted Coinbase which replied with a short answer acknowledging they were looking into the issue. He said he also tried to contact Rocket Bunny but never heard anything back.

Then Coinbase support told him their team is reviewing the situation to find the best solution.

But it seems that Coinbase has not dealt with this well yet. And as of now, 4 days have passed but his account is still worth $1.3 trillion. And there’s just one problem – he can’t take his money out.

Williamson said he has been expecting the large sum to go away at any time, but instead, it has been growing over the past few days.

This guy even tweeted billionaire Elon Musk with the hope he can help answer this trillion-dollar question.

He said:

“I thought for sure because he trolls people all the time. I am hoping he actually saws it and maybe he’s been following it, but I don’t know. That is an Elon Musk wallet.”

Williamson said if he really had money like that, he would end up doing what he has done most of his life which to help people. He would make sure his family is cared for, paying off his sisters’ homes, and maybe start free clinics.

But maybe he can not…

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