Urgent Message For Bitcoin and Crypto Investors On Crypto Crash 2022

The last few days have been some real pain, especially for new investors in the cryptocurrency market. So Lark Davis, a warm-hearted Youtuber in the crypto field has shared an urgent message for Bitcoin and crypto investors, showed the way for them to do in this situation, and ease the fear of the traders. 

The market just started going into a freaking free fall, 50% down from the all-time high is not as bad as the 2021 crash, where we actually were 55% down from the all-time high for Bitcoin. Obviously, a lot of altcoins took massive hits during that time, the crypto markets were famously volatile. 

This year, Bitcoin and the entire market have crashed due to regulations such as Russia wanting to ban cryptocurrencies; the EU wanting to ban Bitcoin mining; Spain, Singapore, and the UK are banning crypto advertising. There are lots of things to be scared of the reality. 

The message that Lark wants to send to traders is we will go back to all-time highs at some point, it’s just a matter of time. 

The reality of any major fear or big sell-off event like this in the market is a moment of opportunity for the right investor. They made money by buying bottoms and then selling tops later. 

This kind of market sentiment is an opportunity, a hard opportunity to take because everyone’s panicking and yet, that is the time when we start to see these opportunities arising. 

It’s important to stay strong, focused, and patient. Traders can keep on staking coins to bring in some real big returns, yield farming to earn great percentages on stablecoins, on Bitcoin, or on Ethereum. 

It’s psychologically difficult. That’s why only a small percentage of investors perform very well over the long term because they have the psychological strength to do so. 

Lark speaks hopefully: “I hope you’re doing well out there in spite of the craziness happening in the markets. If it’s bothering you too much, get away from the screens, go out for a walk, realize it’s just money. There will always be more money, markets will bounce back at some point.” 

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