Uphold and GlobaliD have joined forces to build and roll out an XRP card, provide 5% cashback

This is great news for the XRP community as GlobaliD and cryptocurrency exchange Uphold have jointly launched an XRP card that will offer 5% cashback in the Ripple-affiliated crypto and be serviced by Mastercard.


Two crypto companies are launching a card with XRP cashback via Mastercard

Uphold is a digital money platform serving almost 5 million customers in more than 150 countries. The company claims to manage more than $1 billion in customer assets. GlobaliD is a trusted platform that seamlessly integrates digital identity, communications, and payments—the core building blocks for the next chapter of the internet.

Users will request and manage their XRP Mastercard Debit Card through the GlobaliD Wallet, powered by Uphold. Rather than spending their XRP investments, users can passively earn and save XRP rewards while spending almost 50 national and cryptocurrencies available through the Uphold-powered digital wallet. The XRP debit card powered by the Mastercard giant will enable users to spend multiple cryptocurrencies and fiat and receive up to 5% cashback in XRP.

The card will initially be rolled out in the US. The first 100 users will earn up to 5% back in XRP on the first USD 10,000 spent within three months and 2% after. The rewards will be airdropped into the Rewards section of the GlobaliD Wallet, powered by Uphold. Users can also top up funds via the wallet and send and receive a range of currencies and crypto.

While the XRP community was an apparent first choice, according to Greg Kidd, co-founder and CEO of GlobaliD, the sky’s the limit for community-centric finance.

“The XRP Card is also a reference implementation for a debit card tied to and issued by a trusted community,” he added. “Eventually, any GlobaliD community will be able to issue their own unique debit cards to their members as well as develop their own merchant reward networks and funding mechanisms. That could be in charity organizations, fan clubs, sports teams—any group of people with aligned interests. They’ll be able to leverage the collective social and spending power of their trusted community.”

The card was originally announced this winter, but it rolled out in late July – almost half a year later. The launch of this token is an impetus for XRP and Ripple. Therefore, to get one and start using it, customers need to join the XRP Army group on GlobaliD.

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