Unstoppable Domains Launches AI-Generated Profile Pictures as NFTs for Digital Identity Enhancement

Unstoppable Domains, the Web3 domain name service provider, is now using artificial intelligence (AI) to create unique profile pictures (PFP) that are cast as NFTs. This new feature will help users enhance their digital identity.

Similar to the popular AI photo-taking app Lensa, Unstoppable’s PFP software uses a range of images to create unique and authentic PFPs. Users can pay $14.99 to upload up to 20 of their own images and access 200 images created by the software in one hour. These images are then cast as NFTs on Polygon and used as Unstoppable PFPs. Users can also sell the PFPs they create on the OpenSea trading platform.

Lisa DeLuca, Senior Technical Director of Unstoppable, stated that integrating AI improvements into Unstoppable will help users leverage their digital identity when connecting their domains across applications, games, and the metaverse. “What’s exciting about AI is that it can add technical finesse to human digital avatars. This technology allows you to experiment and create within the AI space,” DeLuca shared.

Unstoppable Domains launched in 2018 as a Web3 Name Service, providing blockchain-minted domain names that allow users to own and control their digital identity without paying renewal fees. The project has been releasing products that help users build their Web3 identity.

In January, the project announced a partnership with the Ready Player Me metaverse platform to provide customizable avatars for domain configurations. Last week, Unstoppable also launched a messaging service based on Polygon, allowing users to send encrypted messages via blockchain to each other.

Unstoppable Domains’ latest use of AI to create NFTs is a step forward in building a user’s digital identity on the blockchain. As the Web3 ecosystem continues to grow, it is essential to have reliable services that provide secure and unique digital identities. With Unstoppable’s new feature, users can create one-of-a-kind PFPs that they can use across various platforms and even sell as NFTs.

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