Unlocking the Vaults: 17 Projects Set to Release $1.38 Billion in Crypto Assets in April 2024

TokenUnlocks, a leading digital assets aggregation platform, has unveiled its token unlock schedule for April, revealing that 17 cryptocurrencies are poised to unlock individual token values surpassing $10 million each. According to data compiled by the platform, these “large-value” unlocks are set to exceed a combined total of $1.38 billion.

The schedule outlines token unlock activities scheduled from April 1 to April 30, with various projects releasing their tokens on different dates throughout the month. Notably, some days will witness multiple unlock events.

Among the 17 cryptocurrencies listed for “large-value” unlocks in April are DYDX, ZETA, SUI, GAL, APT, CYBER, and STRK, with their unlocks planned for the first half of the month. The latter half of April will see projects like ARB, APE, AXS, IMX, PIXEL, ID, YGG, AGIX, OP, and PRIME executing their unlock programs.

APT is projected to have the highest token unlock value, with the Aptos blockchain project releasing 24.84 million APT tokens valued at $409.89 million on April 12, 2024. This represents approximately 6.25% of the total APT supply.

In terms of supply ratio, DYDX will lead among the listed tokens, releasing 33.33 million DYDX tokens worth $113.33 million, accounting for 11.35% of its total supply. The token unlock program will commence with DYDX and ZETA on April 1, while PRIME will conclude the “large-value” unlocks on April 30, releasing 1.66 million tokens valued at $36.23 million, or 4.44% of its total supply.

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