Unity Launches New Asset Store Category for Decentralized Gaming Solutions

Unity, the platform for creating real-time 3D content, has launched a new category page on its Asset Store to support game developers interested in decentralization technology. The “Decentralization” category page features 13 verified solutions to help developers manage digital assets, set up smart contracts, build on blockchain networks and more.

The concept of decentralization in gaming refers to models of ownership that allow players to create, earn, or obtain in-game resources that they can then sell or trade. The new Asset Store page is designed to provide interested developers with access to vetted solutions that support this model of ownership.

Among the 13 verified solutions listed on the page are the AIKON ORE ID, which is a single sign-on platform that enables developers to create a Blockchain account upon first sign-in, and the Algorand SDK, which equips developers with tools to integrate digital assets and primitives into their games while leveraging the Algorand blockchain.

Other verified solutions include Altura, which provides an API and SDKs that allow developers to create, update, and transfer NFTs in-game, and the Flow SDK for Unity from Dapper Labs, which enables Unity developers to integrate their games and applications with the Flow blockchain.

Unity’s move to provide developers with verified decentralization solutions on its Asset Store page is in response to the growing interest in blockchain and decentralized gaming. With these solutions, developers will be able to easily integrate digital assets, smart contracts, and blockchain technology into their games, allowing players to have more control and ownership over their in-game resources.

Unity is a comprehensive platform for content creators of all sizes to build, run, and grow immersive, real-time 2D and 3D content for various devices. With the launch of the Decentralization category page on its Asset Store, Unity is positioning itself to become a leader in supporting the growing trend of decentralized gaming.

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