United States Department of Justice: The BitClub Network lawsuit is extended until November 2020

At the request of the United States Department of Justice, the court is required to continue hearing the BitClub Network case until November 2020.


Will BitClub Network not escape the law grid?

One of the reasons for delaying the proceedings is due to the case being too unusual or complicated. Moreover, in February 2020, the New Jersey district court issued an order to extend the time to hear the case until May 31, 2020. The original reason was due to the raging COVID-19 epidemic, which resulted in the status of an adjourn order, and an extension of the time for the urgent trial is published.

And now, the trial period will continue to be extended until November 2020. Considering the number of defendants, the nature of the prosecution, and the existence of new holes in the case, DOJ said that The nature of this lawsuit is unreasonable. As a result, they were unable to prepare for court proceedings within 70 days adequately.

DOJ said:

“We have collected two million electronic records. And only 500,000 of them have been provided to the defendants.”

DOJ expects the filtering of the confiscated evidence to last until October 30. And if it is completed early, the lawsuit will go smoothly.

DOJ declares:

“Therefore, we issued a request on July 16 to continue this case until November 15, 2020. We will continue to update information about Bitclub Network from now until that point.”

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