Uniswap V3 Poll Reveals Mixed Sentiments Towards Proposed Protocol Fees

In a recent poll conducted on June 1, Uniswap’s governance community exhibited divided opinions regarding a proposal that could potentially introduce fees for liquidity providers. The poll, which aimed to gauge support for the proposal titled “Making Protocol Fees Operational” by GFX Labs, yielded close results, highlighting the complexity of the issue.

The proposal, published by GFX Labs on May 10, suggested the implementation of fees collected from liquidity providers to fund a project treasury. However, the poll’s outcome revealed a lack of consensus among the Uniswap governance community.

Approximately 45% of the votes expressed opposition to the proposed fee, while 42% of the votes supported charging 1/5 of the pool fee across all Uniswap v3 pools. A smaller portion, 12% of the votes, favored a fee of 1/10 of the pool fee across those pools. Although the combined percentage of those supporting a fee (55%) exceeded those against it (45%), none of the fee categories garnered majority support compared to the “no fee” category.

Notably, a significant number of UNI tokens were employed in the voting process, with 56 million UNI tokens (equivalent to $280 million) being utilized to cast votes. These results, however, do not necessarily eliminate the possibility of further votes on the proposal. The poll page suggests that the polling data will be used to prepare a more formal “temperature check” vote, indicating that discussions and deliberations on the matter are likely to continue.

Unsurprisingly, opposition to the introduction of fees appears to be substantial within the Uniswap governance community. The divided nature of the poll results reflects the complexity and importance of the issue at hand. It is crucial for Uniswap to consider the concerns and preferences of its liquidity providers while exploring potential avenues for sustainable growth and development.

The ongoing discussions and subsequent voting processes are part of a broader initiative related to GFX Labs’ post titled “Making Protocol Fees Operational.” The proposal covers various aspects, including fee options for V3, the initial deployment chain, and the assets to be held in the treasury. All voters are encouraged to participate and express their opinions by voting on these three polls. The data collected from these polls will serve as a foundation for a more formal “temperature check” vote.

In conclusion, Uniswap’s governance community remains divided over the introduction of protocol fees, as revealed by the recent poll results. While the proposal did receive majority support when combining the votes in favor of fees, none of the fee categories managed to surpass the “no fee” alternative in terms of individual support.

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