Udi Wertheimer: Tron will surpass Ethereum in the battle for decentralized supremacy in 2020

2019 is a great year for Tron and Justin Sun to ensure they are always updated with enthusiasts about the great achievement of this famous project. Tron had its ups and downs, but overall, the project had some pretty important partnerships over the past year. Fans are looking forward to 2020 to see more success.

An independent developer, Udi Wertheimer, Bitcoin supporter, and former software engineer at PayPal, said Tron would surpass Ethereum by 2020.

The man shared a video on Twitter from Tron founder Justin Sun, who is revealing a new partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. He expressed confidence that Tron will surpass Ethereum in the battle for decentralized supremacy.

Tron versus Ethereum

Wertheimer went on and explained in more detail the reasons he thought Tron was more efficient.

“TRON: More blocks, more transactions, faster growth, more business acumen, more use cases, proven to be anti-censorship to date”, he said.

He also mentioned another project, saying that “ETHEREUM: Slow, ineffective, inflexible, hell developed, lacking entirely of business skills, the tyrant censoring anything they dislike”.

However, some Twitter analysts and commentators have speculated that Wertheimer is trolling Sun – claiming to be correlated with his Medium bio.

Bet on Ethereum again

Gavin Andresen, a famous IT engineer, involved in the development of Bitcoin products in 2010, believes that to date, the most interesting things in the cryptocurrency industry have been built on Ethereum.

Gavin Andresen seems to believe that Ethereum is the best platform for dApps. In his tweet, he stated that in 2017, the most interesting thing about cryptocurrencies was CryptoKitties, and in 2018, it was PoolTogether. Both are built on Ethereum.

Bitcoin activist Udi Wertheimer suggested that Andresen should consider Tron to be the basis for something interesting in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Justin Sun and Andresen chat about dApps

Tron’s CEO, Justin Sun, participated in the discussion. He stated that Tron is currently the No. 1 platform for dApps. Sun asked Gavin Andresen to talk about Tron and how to build something awesome on it.

Earlier, Justin Sun posted a tweet, saying that according to Dapp.com, four of the top five apps on its list were provided by Tron.

Dapp.com shows that these dApps are WINK, BETFURY (both related to betting), and Poloni DEX exchange (TRXMarket dex before). The number one dApp on this list is DLive. So far, it’s based on the LINO chain, but recently, Justin Sun announced that DLive is currently moving to Tron.

Tron has been competing with Ethereum and EOS for the past two years after both Tron and EOS jumped off Ethereum to enter their main network.

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