Twitter CEO plans to move to Africa because of dreaming a bright future for Bitcoin

Although China tries to present itself as a leader in the field of Blockchain, for many, Africa is the fertile ground for this new technology. And Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is one such person. For Dorsey, Africa is a continent capable of defining the future.

Twitter CEO and plans to move to Africa

While some people want to go to Africa to experience the cultures, the climate and observe wildlife, Dorsey wanted to find that land again to see the future unfold.

According to Twitter, Dorsey seems sad to leave the continent, but he also sees great potential for the future in Africa. He correctly pointed out that Bitcoin’s future will be exceptionally bright in African countries. The continent’s crypto industry is overgrowing, as even the unbanked and underbanked areas still have access to the internet. Therefore, cryptocurrency has potential to grow.

Even so, Dorsey doesn’t spend the rest of his life in Africa. He only wanted to be there for about 3 to 6 months, possibly until mid-2020. He didn’t have a long-term plan because he admitted he didn’t know where he would be at this stage.

Will Africa be the new future for cryptocurrency?

Dorsey’s visit to Africa mainly focused on negotiations with the continent’s technology representatives.

Moreover, Dorsey has long seen a lot of potential in Africa. Although large tech companies often overlook the land due to the lack of infrastructure like the West, however, the Twitter CEO is known to be a visionary, and if he believes Africa has great potential for the future, others may follow his lead long before that.

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