TronWallet Released New Version 3.1.0 including SWAP optimization for Bitcoin, new built-in Support Center & bug fixes

Today, the team behind TronWallet, the decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) multi-currency crypto wallet with Bitcoin and easy to use, has announced the latest TronWallet 3.1.0 version.

TronWallet Released New Version 3.1.0 including SWAP optimization for Bitcoin, new built-in Support Center & bug fixes

The latest TronWallet 3.1.0 version

According to that, TronWallet is now live on the Apple Store and Google Play, and the update features a list of notable enhancements, including SWAP optimization for Bitcoin, TRON (TRX), and TRX-based tokens. Additionally, having several design enhancements, a number of bug fixes and a brand new built-in Support Center for both mobile and desktop.

Specifically, TronWallet added the “BTC to TRX SWAP” option on the 3.0.0 update released on Dec 31. The addition of other cryptocurrencies is expected to be included in the following versions. Ethereum could be the second coin to be integrated into the wallet.

The announcement wrote that with this latest version of TronWallet 3.1.0, they had laid the foundations and optimized the wallet to start adding support for new coins, cryptocurrencies, and additional public blockchains, starting with the Ethereum blockchain and associated ETH-based token to be next in line for integration.

Besides, After the release of TronWallet 3 on New Year’s Eve, the develops and maintains TronWallet team has received much essential feedback, input, and suggestions, which help them can improve the current version, what features to add and which bugs to fix.

The crypto wallet shared that their products released are always a reflection of the feedback they got from the vibrant community, which includes 172,000 users across 184 countries. They also stated that users’ feedbacks have always aided the success of subsequent versions.

Introducing the New Customer Support Center

On the other hand, with the mission always prioritized speedy and accessible customer support, TronWallet has introduced the new built-in Customer Support Center that can be accessed directly in mobile apps and desktop through support.tronwallet.me.

The new support service specifically targets to simplify and streamline customer support and regular help to users with great support features.

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