TronWallet introduces a new TXW Swap burn mechanism as the numbers and volume of Swaps conducted are rising sharply

TronWallet recently introduced a new token burn mechanism amid rising swap volume. A new swap feature is introduced, which allows users to seamlessly and directly exchange Bitcoin, TRX, and TRX-based tokens with just the press of a button in the TronWallet mobile app.

The Swap saves users precious time who don’t need to trade on exchanges, is very simple to execute while being highly secure and fast to process.

The usage of the Swap tool has grown significantly over the month of January with thousands of users using the Swap on a daily basis. Given the successful Swap launch, the numbers and volumes of TronWallet Swaps are projected to increase exponentially over the coming months as we add more coins, tokens, blockchains and features to the Swap tool, according to the report by TronWallet.

In addition, the TronWallet user base is on a notable increase, 177,300 TronWallet downloads have been recorded from all over the world, with 12,000 daily active users and 50,000 monthly active users.

As AZCoin News reported on Jan 21, TronWallet released new version 3.1.0 including SWAP optimization for Bitcoin, new built-in support Center & Bug fixes. The version of TronWallet 3.1.0, they had laid the foundations and optimized the wallet to start adding support for new coins, cryptocurrencies, and additional public blockchains, starting with the Ethereum blockchain and associated ETH-based token to be next in line for integration.

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