Tron network has reached a major milestone with 6 million addresses registered

The founder and CEO of Tron Justin Sun claim that the Tron network has reached a milestone with 6 million registered addresses. The increase in the number of addresses follows the rise in the number of dApps built on the network, reaching 768 in the previous week total.

10,000 new addresses are created on Tron every day

According to statistics from Tronscan, there has been a steady increase in the number of new addresses created on the Tron network over the past 14 days, an average of 10,000 per day.


Graph showing the account growth on the TRX network in the past 14 days

Accordingly, there were 1.3 million transactions on Blockchain and Sun Network on May 28, a sharp increase compared to 1 million transactions processed on the network on May 27.


Graph showing the number of daily transaction on the TRX network in the past 14 days

The fact that account growth is not duplicated in TRX’s price growth suggests that it could be the result of more and more dApps being built online.

According to Dapp Weekly Report, there are now 768 dApps online, with the development of platforms, games, and services built on the remaining net stable over the past week. The report shows that from May 23 to May 29, 518,000 transactions were processed on network-based applications, with more than $ 4.1 million traded.

As such, it seems Tron has seen a significant increase in use this year, even though its market cap has been declining.

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