Tron has launched JustLink, the Oracle answer for Chainlink, JST will be the native token of JustLink

Tron has launched JustLink, an oracle on the Tron network to power smart contracts with real-time data in a manner similar to how ChainLink provides its data to the Ethereum network.

JustLink is the first decentralized blockchain oracle on the TRON network that can safely feed smart contracts with real-world data, including but not limited to lending prices, stablecoin exchange rates, derivative prices, market estimations etc.

“JustLink is the Chainlink equivalent on TRON, whose birth marked a pivotal milestone for TRON’s ecosystem. JustLink will drive a new round of boom in TRON-powered DeFi applications, which will further benefit and reinvigorate the entire TRON ecosystem. It’s fair to say that JustLink is an epoch-marking project that’s bound to revolutionize the whole DeFi sector“, says Justin Sun, CEO of Tron Foundation.

The launch of JustLink comes at a time when the Tron DeFi ecosystem is gathering steam. JustLink will provide developers with a trusted source of real-time data with JST functioning as the pricing pool to interconnect different use cases and ecosystems

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