Tron has apologized for claiming that its user base recently exceeded the 10 billion threshold

In a post on its official Twitter, Tron Foundation officially apologized to the crypto community when it announced TRON users exceeded 10 billion. This is very humorous news because the estimated total population of the planet is still less than 8 billion people.


Tron Foundation has apologized for mistakenly claiming that its user base has exceeded the planet’s population

On Sept. 19, Tron Founder Justin Sun’s Twitter account published as a (now deleted) tweet saying, “#TRON users exceeded 10B! Next goal 100B.” The extraordinary claim caused confusion and mirth in equal measure across the crypto community for several reasons, chief among which was that the planet’s total estimated population has yet to hit 8 billion people.

According to Sun, it was a typo, but he wasn’t intentionally marketing or anything.

But, perhaps Sun had also envisaged that the tweet sparked a backlash from many in the crypto ecosystem who mercilessly mocked the statement in the media’s usual way society. While some speculated that the 10 billion user figure could be genuine due to multiple accounts, most chose to ignore the claim.


Finally, the Tron Foundation posted a thread on its controller, apologizing for the misleading statement. According to Tron, the social media handler accidentally replaced the letter “M” with the letter “B” in the tweet, which leads to confusion.

The TRX price is currently trading lower with the broader crypto market and is down around 4%.

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