TRON founder Justin Sun won a collection of NFT as the highest bidder in a sale of Digital artwork by leading artist Pak

One person who has shown a significant interest in NFTs is TRON Founder Justin Sun. Specifically, Sun won the NFT collection as the highest bidder in a sale by famous auction house Sotheby’s. Top NFT artist Pak’s digital work was purchased by Sun at the auction “The Fungible Collection”.

Justin Sun lands NFT collection at Sotheby’s and Nifty Gateway joint auction

Sun previously bought NFT from Christie’s Auction House and nearly bought a piece of art worth $ 69 million by artist Beeple. Now, Sun has taken this love of NFTs a step further by announcing the purchase of 1686 units as well as a full suite of open version NFTs.

The full NFT units and sets were purchased from the Sotheby’s auction house and the work was created by NFT artist, artist Pak. The auction took place during a three-day event and Pak’s three NFTs went up for sale, and Sun himself confirmed the purchase via Twitter on April 18, 2021.

During the three-day event, three NFT series created by the famous artist Pak were auctioned. The first series comprised open “cubes,” an unlimited number of which could be purchased at a fixed price. The second series featured two special NFT artworks, “The Switch” and “The Pixels.” In the final series, 100 NFTs were sold off as additional rewards to the top 100 buyers of cubes.

The purchase is made possible by the JUST NFT Foundation, an organization founded by Justin Sun to purchase valuable digital artworks by leading artists and on the TRON blockchain. So far, the fund has been able to buy back works by artists like Picasso, Andy Warhol, and Beeple, and Sun has hinted that it plans to buy more works in the future.

This is Sotheby’s first time hosting an NFT activity but with the success of the event, we can expect a lot more to happen over time.

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