Tron Founder Justin Sun tweets a new milestone regarding contracts set up on the Tron chain

On March 22, Tron founder Justin Sun shared news of a recently achieved Tron milestone. Specifically, according to data from Tronscan, the total number of contracts launched on Tron has now exceeded 30,000, including 638 verified contracts.

Justin Sun: Total contracts created on Tron exceeded 30,000

Besides, Justin Sun also tweeted that the number of decentralized applications launched on Tron is growing fast. Tron CEO also mentioned the growth of active users and transaction volume, which is steadily increasing.

Specifically, according to the Tron dApp Weekly report from March 14, 2020, to March 20, 2020, the number of TRON dApps ordered is more than 721 with three new dApps. Besides, daily active users, transactions, and trading volumes have also grown significantly.

Recent developments of Tron and BitTorrent

Yesterday, the STEEM Community successfully carried out a hard fork of the blockchain to create Hive. This event was a result of their disagreement with Justin Sun, who had recently purchased the project. The back and forth between Justin and the Steem community has overshadowed all the development updates of Tron (TRX) and BitTorrent (BTT). The crypto exchange of Poloniex has also not been left behind. The team behind the exchange has also been hard at work building.

In the past week, the Tron network upgraded to Odyssey 3.7. Justin Sun announced via the following tweet.

Other notable milestones of the Tron blockchain in the past week include:

  • TRON Dapps reaching a total of 719 according to DApp review
  • Total accounts on TRON exceeding 4.9 million
  • Total transactions on the Blockchain exceeding 925 million
  • Circulation of the Tron version of Tether (USDT) exceeding 760 million
  • Smart contracts on the Tron blockchain have been triggered an amazing 797 million times
  • Block height has exceeded 18 million

The BitTorrent team has also been hard at work upgrading the BTFS file system. The group recently tweeted the following milestones.

Also, to note is that BitTorrent Speed ​​has over 2.5 million users with 800,000 using the application daily.

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