TRON founder Justin Sun had lunch with Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak

A few hours ago, the founder of the Tron Foundation and BitTorrent’s CEO, Justin Sun posted a tweet that he had had lunch with the legendary investor and entrepreneur who established Apple together with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak.


Justin Sun and Steve Wozniak

He decided to expand the Tron ecosystem by working with Apple. He also discussed future collaboration with Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak over lunch. The details of the partnership were disclosed, but both Justin Sun and Steve Wozniak took this to their Twitter and expressed their gratitude to each other.


Both Justin and Woz are looking forward to this promising collaboration. Previously, Tron had worked with Samsung to have the digital asset in the digital wallet of Samsung mobiles in their latest edition of Smartphone Range, which also included the Tron-based Decentralized Application.

Still, Justin Sun is still looking forward to the Tron ecosystem and digital ledger to higher milestones. This collaboration with Apple might be necessary to boost the Tron’s market share, which is now following a bullish path since the topic of collaboration was mentioned by Justin sun in his tweet.

Justin Sun might forget his lunch with Warren Buffett

Last year, Justin Sun paid over $4 million for the opportunity to have lunch with global investor Warren Buffett and finally won it in a charity auction. However, the lunch was postponed due to Sun’s sudden illness. TRON then stated that the event was being rescheduled, but Justin Sun seemed to have forgotten about it.

Many Tron community members still complain to Justin Sun for failing to have a meal with Warren Buffett, who has known a Bitcoin skeptic. At that time, Sun was hoping to discuss cryptocurrencies with Buffet but not to convert him.

However, some optimistic crypto experts believe that because the scheduled lunch was so widely covered by mainstream media, so it made good impacts on crypto.

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