Tron CEO Justin Sun has bought into the pet rock craze that has swept the NFT market

Not long ago, Tron CEO Justin Sun announced that he’s now the proud owner of EtherRock 87.

Justin Sun brags about buying Ethereum Pet Rock NFT for $611,000

The market is always crazy about absurd and ridiculous things, such as the meme coin craze led by Dogecoin. This time, the community is throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars at some cartoonish drawings of rocks issued as non-fungible tokens (NFT tokens) on the Ethereum back in 2017.

Reportedly, Sun made a strange purchase, part of a 100-image series, which set him back $611,170, which equals the price of a single-family house in Denver. And to keep his fervor, Sun updated his Twitter profile picture to a rock with laser eyes.

Reportedly, the floor price for a gray stone JPEG is currently set at over $1 million.

The idea of ​​making a bank with a bunch of rocks is not exactly new. The owner of the ever-popular EtherRock collection has paid tribute to advertise agency owner Gary Dahl, who made a fortune selling rock to pet owners in 1975 thanks to his marketing skills.

The latest NFT fad is mainly limited to a bunch of crypto moguls who want to flex their exorbitant wealth by hopping on the newest trend.

Justin Sun is one of the names that make a lot of noise on social networks. Not long ago, Chinese website 8BTC reported that noting seven verified accounts had been deactivated on the Twitter-like platform. The list included influencers such as Sun and news source BeatleNews.

Sun’s account was banned from Weibo back in 2019, along with Binance co-founder Yi He. As AZCoin News reported, the Tron founder has fostered his relationship with authorities by joining a research project at the Communist Party’s top university.

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