Tron: A lawsuit has been filed against Justin Sun, for allegedly profiting from movie piracy

Two former employees of Rainberry Inc., the parent company of Tron and BitTorrent, have alleged that Justin Sun discriminated against them, manipulating the cryptocurrency market. They sued the company for $ 15 million and wanted to jury trial.

Justin Sun, Founder of TRON

Sun, who is also the founder of the TRON Foundation CEO, successfully purchased Rainberry Inc. in mid-2018, putting the product under the auspices of the growing TRON network.

The 70-page lawsuit accuses Sun and his subordinates of engaging in copyright infringement of copyrighted material, in addition to a number of workplace violations, including threats.

William Fitzgerald, one of the lawyers representing the two employees, explained that his client asserts that the company’s workplace conditions are out of law in California and that Tron founder and CEO Justin Sun – even violent behavior at work.

William Fitzgerald is one of the lawyers representing the former employees of Rainberry, Lukasz Juraszek and Richard Hall. The company fired Juraszek, a software developer and Hall, a senior product management director, for alleged information leaks and poor performance.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit disputes this and claims they were fired because of racial discrimination and for blowing the whistle for illegal, unscrupulous and unethical business activities.

Two former employees claimed that Tron – denying all the allegations – created a working environment outside of labor law structures of the state of California, due to management requires employees to work extremely long hours without being able to voice any concerns.

In addition to simply accusing Tron of violating labor laws, the company’s accusers also claim that Justin Sun has committed violent acts against employees. It seems that the company’s management has turned a blind eye to the blatant criminal activity that occurred on BitTorrent’s file-sharing service BTFS.

Defendant Justin Sun and his Chinese-born subordinates were participated in the illegal copyright infringement of copyrighted material for defendant Rainberry Inc., in order to profit from the illegal piracy of those materials, as well as other illegal and unethical activities.

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