TriliTech and ConsenSys Collaborate to Introduce Tezos Snap for MetaMask Compatibility

The Tezos development team, TriliTech, has joined forces with ConsenSys to introduce Tezos Snap. This innovative integration brings Tezos compatibility to the renowned MetaMask wallet, a move that holds substantial promise for the rapidly growing Tezos ecosystem.

Tezos Snap is a MetaMask plugin designed to bridge the gap between MetaMask’s Ethereum-centric features and the expanding Tezos blockchain ecosystem. As the adoption of Tezos continues to rise, this integration couldn’t have come at a better time, offering the tens of millions of MetaMask users instant access to a wide array of Tezos-based applications and services.

The decision to develop Tezos Snap arises from the need to cater to the diverse and dynamic crypto community. MetaMask, known for its robust Ethereum wallet capabilities, has been a favored choice among crypto enthusiasts. With Tezos Snap, the aim is to extend this choice by seamlessly integrating Tezos into the MetaMask experience.

For existing members of the Tezos community, this integration expands wallet options, allowing them to manage their Tezos assets with the familiarity and convenience of MetaMask.

Tezos Snap, fully approved and authorized by MetaMask, offers a smooth and user-friendly experience. When interacting with a Tezos decentralized application (dApp), the Snap will prompt users to download and install the plugin. This process is so seamless that it requires no additional installations or technical expertise.

Upon installation, Tezos Snap ingeniously derives the Tezos account and address using the same seed phrase employed for the MetaMask account. This means that users won’t need to juggle multiple keys or passphrases, streamlining the process significantly. The Snap presents users with their Tezos public key and address, which is automatically shared with the connecting dApp, simplifying transactions and interactions within the Tezos ecosystem.

In addition to Tezos Snap, TriliTech and ConsenSys have also launched the Tezos Wallet Explorer, powered by MetaMask. This open-source application serves as an intermediary between MetaMask’s Tezos Snap and Tezos-based dApps. Users can access vital information like account balances and transaction history within this intuitive interface.

Furthermore, the Tezos Wallet Explorer offers added functionalities, enabling users to easily manage their NFTs and conduct everyday operations such as sending Tezos tokens. This user-friendly approach ensures that both newcomers and experienced Tezos enthusiasts can seamlessly navigate the Tezos ecosystem within the familiar confines of MetaMask.

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