Trader Joe has partnered with LayerZero to convert its native token “JoE” into an omni-chain fungible token (OFT)

Decentralized exchange Trader Joe has recently announced a partnership with LayerZero to launch its own native token, Joe. This exciting news means that the Joe token will be available on the Omni Layer, an open source blockchain platform built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

The LayerZero team, which is led by CEO and co-founder Marc van der Chijs, is dedicated to making blockchains secure, reliable and fast. LayerZero’s partnership with Trader Joe’s is the latest in a string of successful collaborations with various brands, including Sotheby’s, The Coca-Cola Company, and Singapore Airlines.

Trader Joe has partnered with interoperability protocol LayerZero to convert its native ERC-20 token “JOE” into an omni-chain fungible token (OFT). The integration will enable joe tokens to be easily transferred from its native chain, Avalanche, to two other blockchains where Trader Joe operates, Arbitrum and BNB Chain.

The LayerZero and Trader Joe’s partnership is a major milestone for the blockchain industry, and it could have a positive long-term impact on cryptocurrency adoption and use. With the launch of the Joe token, more customers will be exposed to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and this could open the door to an even more secure, transparent, and efficient way of doing business.

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