Top trader says BETU, JOE, and 3 other altcoins are preparing for a rally

Top analyst Jay Freed from popular crypto channel Jay Freed shares with their subscribers 5 altcoins with strong fundamentals that are expected to make a moonshot.


BetU is a sports, esports & crypto betting platform. Secured by smart contracts and powered by the BETU Token. BetU will offer traditional bookmaker services along with peer-to-peer betting resulting in better odds and bigger winnings.

“It is really cool guys because what this does is it allows you to create any type of bet that you want, so you can create your own bet on their interface. And you could either be the bet maker or the bet taker. So you don’t need that third-party intermediary which is called the Casino or the sportsbook,”

According to the trader, BetU is trying to take a piece of the $391 billion global sports betting market. Its token BETU is up from $0.08 at launch on September 7 to $0.25 at the time of writing, giving this coin a market cap of $26.8 million.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for increasing the token value. They are in a really awesome position because if, say, for example, you’re talking about a DeFi project, it’s quite limited in terms of what they can do. Whereas with BEtU, because they are in sport and esport, pretty much any sporting event is relevant to our business.”

Trader Joe (JOE)

Trader Joe (JOE) is a one-stop decentralized trading platform on Avalanche that helps users swap between two tokens. According to the analyst, since its launch, the project has achieved impressive milestones.

In particular, this Avalanche-native decentralized exchange announced the launch of a $20 million liquidity mining incentive program in collaboration with the Avalanche Foundation. Besides, they are ranked fourth in the overall DappRadar exchange alongside household names such as Uniswap, Quickswap, and JustSwap. The number of active wallets interacting with the platform has also swelled by almost 10% pushing the total value locked in the platform to over $1.2 billion.

At the time of writing, JOE was trading $2.52 with a market cap of $258M.

PolkaBridge (PBR)

PolkaBridge (PBR) is a decentralized application platform.

According to the trader, one of PolkaBridge’s most noticeable products is PolkaBridge DEX, a decentralized exchange that allows users to swap tokens on Polkadot to other ones on other blockchain platforms without any centralized organizations. In addition, with the smart farming mechanism, liquidity providers can earn more rewards than the traditional way.

At the time of writing, PBR was trading $0.6 with a market cap of $21M.

Taboo (TABOO)

Taboo (TABOO) is an adult NFT & Streaming media project. Specializing in highly, exclusive content.

“With models, who aren’t strictly porn stars, their content is not like other adult tokens. Their marketplace is cutting-edge, with its creation by the Enjin Coin Marketplace Developers.”

Their NFT Marketplace and media platform will be cross-chain that built on the Plasma Network, targeting networks like Polygon and Harmony and Solana. The trader highlights that there will also have a merchandise store where users can buy their favorite goodies. A unique forum will be made, too, with special incentives and rewards for generating traffic.

At the time of writing, TABOO was trading $0.01 with a market cap of $113M.

Effect Network (EFX)

Effect Network (EFX) is a cryptocurrency and operates on the BSC and EOS platforms. Controlled by the EffectDAO, their main product is Effect Force: The first Blockchain-based framework for the future-of-work.

“A global, on-demand WorkForce is submitting microtasks on the blockchain to earn EFX.”

At the time of writing, FEX was trading $0.03 with a market cap of $7M.

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