Top Trader Predicts This Hidden Altcoin Will Bring Crypto Mainstream

In the recent video, top trader Ben Armstrong from BitBoy Crypto shares with his 1 million subscribers the hidden altcoin AMP, an ECR20 token many expect to send shockwaves through the global payments industry.


The Flexa Network, the so-called solution to blockchain payments, enables crypto-collateralized payments at brick and mortar vendors.

Not only does Flexa promise to be the global leader in pure-digital payments, offering the fastest, most fraud-proof payments network in the world, it also enables instant crypto payments in stores and online”.

The network allows for supported cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, and others to be used to pay for goods and services, while the vendor receives payment in fiat.

Flexa uses its token, “AMP”, to collateralize crypto-payments while they are confirmed on the respective digital asset networks and settles the payment in fiat to the recipient. This solves a few issues that have plagued the crypto ecosystem like slow confirmation times on networks, price volatility, and broad adoption.

What distinguishes Flexa from your favorite crypto debit card? According to the analyst, with Flexa, the middlemen are consigned to the history books: “Meaning you don’t need to preload fiat from your bank account to get up and running”.

Instead, users can download a Flexa-enabled app such as their very own SPEDN or the Gemini app, which can then be used as wallets in the truest sense.


AMP, previously known as Flexa Coin, is the native token ingenuously co-developed by Flexa and industry titans ConsenSys to give the network its mighty gigawatt power.

The crypto KOL believes that Amp is truly unique in all of crypto due to the following reasons: It’s the first and only token to serve as a crowdsourced collateral.

Think of it as a digital placeholder that allows customers to purchase goods or services in a wide array of digital assets without having to wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain”.

With AMP, the merchant is effectively paid up front with a guarantee that if, for whatever reason, consensus isn’t achieved, the collateralized Amp will be liquidated to cover any losses.

Another unique feature is due to its diverse application: Amp is also an asset-agnostic.

This basically means that the kindly Amp token doesn’t discriminate between cash, crypto, you name it. And that’s because it boasts a feature set universally compatible with any form of value transfer. Meaning it’s able to facilitate instant irreversible transactions for any kind of asset”.


At the time of the video, AMP was trading at $0.05. Amp has a maximum supply of 100 billion, with around 32 billion in circulation today. On 15 June, AMP was the 28th-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, with a value of $4bn, according to CoinMarketCap.

As for price predictions, Amp went on a pretty insane rally in June, reaching an all-time high of over 12¢.

All the more impressive considering Bitcoin was tanking in that time”.

The trader predicts that the AMP price will continue to rise in the coming years. He suggests the token will average $0.2518 in 2024, $0.2910 in 2025, and $0.4289 in 2028. 

“This combination of incredible fundamentals and world-class team, almost unlimited real-world application, all big guarantee Amp’s price action will see sparks fly in the near future”.


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