Top trader Josh Moden suggests buying the dips of these altcoins

High-profile trader Josh Moden from CryptoBusy shares with his subscribers 4 altcoins under his radar that are signaling perfect buying opportunity before the season comes again.

Polkadot (DOT)

First on the list is Polkadot (DOT). At the time of the recording, DOT was trading at around $39.

According to the trader, DOT is under pressure as bears have reversed the uptrend and are now looking to push DOT price lower. He says that DOT is coming lower to $32 level, making it a good opportunity for adding some DOTs into the portfolio.

“We are seeing quite a hefty downtrend coming into it. So that means there’ll probably be more of a push of buying push. We can see a break of structure to see that price go higher.”


Next on the list is XRP (XRP). At the press time, XRP was sitting at $1.04.

While XRP price has obtained good support from the support trendline for the channel pattern, Moden suggests that XRP hit a key buy zone that is around $1. 

“XRP has actually just hit our key buy zone so that is around a dollar in price. Anywhere between 95 and a dollar, I’ll be buying XRP. We could see the price come down to 90 cents. However, for now, I am seeing a dollar holding quite well.”

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink (LINK) is the next coin on the trader’s radar. At the press, LINK was trading at $26.

LINK has broken down its uptrend line and hitting a level of demand at $25, making it a good buying zone. The trader predicts LINK would likely rebound nicely from that level.

“If we saw a major breakup structure even on a lower timeframe, that could be a good signifier that we are, going to start to move up from here.”

Enjin (ENJ)

Last on the list is Enjin (ENJ). The coin continues to soar amid non-stop metaverse chatter. At the time of the recording, ENJ was trading at $2.8.

The trader marks a great level of demand at $2.3 level as well as $2.6 level. He then adds that if ENJ managed to break through its previous $3.26 support level, the gaming coin could ride metaverse mayhem to new highs.

“We have this level of demand down here around 2.30 to 2.60. And then we saw a break of structure to the upside, showing us that we want to go and see an uptrend now. We didn’t break above 3.27, which means that’s not a complete uptrend confirmation yet. But we have been created this level of demand on top of this level of demand, which could hold, and again there’s buying pressure from it. So what we could maybe expect is a push-up from ENJ coin as long as the market holds breaking that 3.26 and once we break 3.26 that’s when we can start to move up towards 3.66 and beyond and find some price discovery for ENJ.”

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