Top Trader Ben Armstrong Is Betting On These Altcoins

In the recent video, the popular crypto strategist Ben Armstrong shares with his subscribers the top altcoins with huge potential to shake the market in July.

Decentraland (MANA)

The first altcoin on the crypto KOL’s list is a long-time Ethereum project and one of the first-ever blockchain-based games Decentraland.

“The project continues to make great upgrades and innovations in both the gaming and blockchain spaces”.

Decentraland is a virtual world, like Second Life or The Sims, but the real innovation is the ownership that it gives its players real verified ownership on the blockchain via NFTs.

According to the trader, a few days ago, the Decentralian DAO voted in a host of proposals including an Art Grant:

“All of this creativity taking to the skies of the cryptoverse is truly an amazing thing to see. It’s no wonder that token metric sees Decentraland as a project with a lot of long-term upsides”.

Ethereum (ETH)

Next on the list is the “old-friend” Ethereum (ETH).

“I talk about Ethereum on this channel literally every day. So there isn’t much else to talk about but what’s funny is people need to be reminded you can still buy Ethereum pretty soon. You’ll be able to stake Ethereum on a 2.0″.

The trader states a bullist statement that the coin is on sale today and traders should get it on the cheap while they can “because when it flips bitcoin and it will flip bitcoin the whole crypto game will change”.

Uniswap (UNI)

The third altcoin that is catching a lot of chatter is Uniswap (UNI).

“Uniswap’s kind of like an ornate multi-tiered unicorn kite that isn’t just for trading Ethereum but for all sorts of tokens”.

The analyst says that the main reason he picks Uniswap as an altcoin to watch is its release on Uniswap version 3. The mainnet went live earlier this year and after having a bit of a stumble out of the gate with higher than anticipated fees, Uniswap version 3 has since stabilized into an overall good upgrade for UNI.

Polygon (MATIC)

Next on the list is Polygon (MATIC). It’s a cross-chain protocol that connects different Ethereum networks. The team is solid the tech is showing immense promise and the price has seen a 5.257% rise this year even after the May crash.

According to the crypto KOL, Polygon though has had a lot of positive developments recently including adding Dyno Swap, a layer 1 liquidity provider in AMM, they also were added to the open-source wallet by Ether wallet which has been around since 2015.

The Graph (GRT)

The last project is The Graph (GRT). It’s crypto that is focused on making more infrastructure for crypto projects specifically finance but eventually NFTs and more. 

“It’s always a good sign in crypto when a project has a narrow focus. But it’s not just focused, it’s the fact that the graph isn’t just another cross-chain and so and it’s an API that talks to different blockchains to make their public data easily accessible”.

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