Top-tier Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DeCurret has relisted XRP token and allowed its trading in several pairs

Backed by Internet Initiative Japan, the DeCurret exchange is one of Japan’s most popular cryptocurrency trading platforms. It seems DeCurret is not frightened by the attacks of US regulators on XRP and Ripple.

DeCurret exchange has relaunched XRP trading

According to anonymous XRP-focused Twitter account XRP Owl, top-tier Japanese cryptocurrency exchange DeCurret has relisted the XRP token and allowed its trading in several pairs.

It’s not easy to check if this announcement is true as DeCurret doesn’t have an interface in European languages. Meanwhile, in its order book, XRP is available to trade with both Bitcoin and Japanese YEN.

Additionally, the XRP/JPY trading pair has been covered in its latest Twitter publication that covers the adjustment of trading rules for major trading products. Hence, it can be claimed that XRP can be traded on the DeCurret exchange without any restrictions – despite the legal pressure it encounters in the United States.

Japanese digital banking companies are welcoming the payment tools offered by Ripple and XRP.

At the same time, many exchange services around the globe have terminated XRP trading because the SEC accused Ripple Inc. of Ripple Inc. The settlement agency and its key officers were accused of providing illegal securities to US citizens.

To make crypto exchanges reconsider their practices, the passionate and aggressive XRP community (“XRP Army”) launched a viral #RelistXRP flashmob on Twitter. This hashtag was pushed to the “trending” lists in many European countries.

You can see theĀ XRP priceĀ here.


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