Top Crypto Strategist Unveils Whale’s Trading Secrets To Earn Big Profits

In the recent video, the prominent trader Ben Armstrong uncovers whale’s trading tip and key to earn big profit in the cryptocurrency market.

OTC Trading Desks

“What do Pepto Bismol, Herpex, and Crypto all have in common? That might sound like the start of a seriously bad joke, but in fact these are all things we can get OTC, or over the counter”.

Accroding to the trader, exchanges are great for everyday use and active trading, but there’s always a chance your sale or purchase won’t be fulfilled. You can see limit orders missed due to rapid fluctuations in price, get hit with slippage, which is the potential discrepancy between your order price and the price of purchase, or maybe there just isn’t enough depth or liquidity on that exchange.

That is where the OTC comes into place.

Over-the-counter trading eliminates these risks entirely because instead of waiting for your order to be filled by the first bidder, you’ll have the support of a specialized crypto broker”.

Moreover, when it comes to using an exchange or going OTC, they both cost roughly the same in fees.

He adds:

As for crypto, the OTC market is way bigger than you might think”.

The analyst then cites an article of an industry insider, saying that OTC trading desk of crypto could now be handling anywhere from two to three times the daily volume seen on all exchanges combined.

Ben Armstrong says that one of the reasons whales choose to trade on OTC is because essentially OTC allows large sums to be moved around without moving the market.

“And as anyone who has tried to sell a reasonably large chunk of crypto in one go knows, you often need to break it up into a series of smaller orders in order to be sure they’re filled. Going OTC clears up the need for dividing your sale up, allowing you to liquidate your crypto in one fell swoop and with all the quality assurances you could want”.

Moreover, the trader highlights about the quality of the services that OTC provides.

“There’s a lot to be said for working with dedicated professionals, people that are actually on your side, who you can reach by phone 16 hours a day like in Caleb and Brown to ensure your peace of mind. I mean, have you ever tried to get in touch with customer service on Coinbase or Binance?”.

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