Top Crypto Strategist Lark Davis Unveils List of Cryptocurrencies He Is Buying Amid This Bear Market

In the recent video, top trader Lark Davis shares with his subscribers the cryptocurrencies that he is buying over the last few weeks during all of this market turmoil.

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first cryptocurrency on his list is Bitcoin (BTC).

“I always buy a bit of BTC but over the last few weeks, I have bought ways more BTC than usual. I went heavy on both of the big dips, and have averaged in a bit more than average. If the price drop further, I will continue to buy”.

The trader explains the reason for this investment in BTC is because he is moving profits from high-risk altcoins into what he believes is a safer long-term play to preserve and build wealth.

“Remember me preaching about taking profits constantly during the big run? Yeah, I actually did that”.

Ethereum (ETH)

The next cryptocurrency on the KOL’s list is Ethereum (ETH).

“The more I see from ETH the more I like it. I continue to acquire this asset as a long-term HODL coin with a multi-year time frame”.

Similar to Bitcoin, Davis sees ETH as a “safe place” to add to his portfolio. He highlights that The majority of his capital recently has been deployed into cryptos top two blue chips.

“On a further note I am taking the newly acquired BTC and ETH and plowing it into yield bearing platforms. Putting the new assets to work to get more assets for the long term play”.

Other altcoins

Polkadot (DOT) is the one that the analyst has started to build into recently. The trader says that he has not gone too crazy on his DOT buys, and still has orders in lower. Yet, he remains very bullish for the future of PolkaDot.

UST – Terra Network dollar coin is another altcoin on the trader’s radar. The strategist says that he bought a big pile of UST and dropped it in the Anchor protocol.

“Currently getting 19.5% APY on dollars. Sweet! And I am still majority USDC BTW in stablecoin terms”.

Regarding the rest of the altcoins, the trader restates that he is still balls deep in altcoins ranging from big cap to low cap.

“I don’t feel a strong need to go much harder on adding more alts to my portfolio. I may consider adding more to existing positions, but my portfolio is already bloated”.

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