Top analyst Randall Trzaska predicts CIRUS will become the next Helium with 500x potential – Here’s why

Popular crypto strategist Randall Trzaska shares with his subscribers the next 500x hidden altcoin named Cirus (CIRUS) with strong technical fundamentals to be the next Helium (HNT).

Cirus Overview

At the start of the video, the trader strongly highlights that Cirus (CIRUS) is having the best backers and advisor team. In particular, the former Apple CEO, Gil Amelio, and the co-founder of Seagate, Finis Conner joined as the senior advisors of Cirus.

The Cirus Foundation is a multi-layered ecosystem designed to accelerate the ownership economy by leveraging the latest advancements in hardware, software and a tokenized economy. According to the trader, Cirus is a first-of-its-kind hardware device designed to unlock data ownership, connect to the blockchain and create value.

So far, Cirus Foundation has gained 48 patents.

“Cirus is your gateway into the digital economy. A simple plug-and-play device enabling you,  to easily access the cryptoverse and generate real value from your daily habits. Instead of allowing Google to profit from your data, now you can profit from your data,”

CIRUS tokenomics

The CIRUS Token is the native currency of the Network and external platform interactions. The total Fixed Supply of the CIRUS token is 250,000,000.

As of now, Randall Trzaska shares that BitMart is offering CIRUS Triple Listing Benefits with a total of 12,800 CIRUS in rewards for BitMart users.

At the time of the video, CIRUS was trading at $0.8 with a market cap of only $23M. The coin has increased 59% from the first listing day.

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