Top Analyst Predicts XRP To Reach $10 Before The End of 2021

Closely-followed crypto KOL Tom Busby from Crypto Busy discusses with his subscribers the politics behind the XRP lawsuit and the realistic potential price target for XRP once the dust settles.

At the time of the video, XRP was trading at $1.81.

According to the trader, despite the current lawsuit with SEC, XRP has not been severely hindered and has been performing very well. He suggests that the case will reach its conclusion by mid of September as the current discovery phase is ending on 31 of August.

In the shorter, Busby expects XRP to see a correction with Bitcoin in which it would suffer a dip to below $1.10. The trader suggests that it would be a great level to pick up some more XRP.

He also points out that the key resistance area would be $1.40, $1.75 and $2.

“If we see a conclusion of this SEC lawsuit by mid-September, we will be going past 2 dollars, in my opinion. If we see that conclusion and receipt by the end of this year, I do think it will allow XRP’s price to again have that further catapult pulse to go to $5 or even $10 by the end of the year.”

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