Top Analyst Predicts Chainlink Is On Its Way To The Moon – Here’s Why

Top analyst Tyler Swope from Chico Crypto shares with his subscribers his super bullish optimism for the decentralized oracle solution Chainlink (LINK) and reasons why LINK is going to the moon.

According to the trader, Chainlink is one of the 14 founding organizations of the Baseline protocol, which also included AMD,  Ernst and Young, Consensys, MakerDAO, Microsoft,  Splunk, Unibright and Provide.

Moreover, it was announced that Provide and Chainlink would be partnering and collaborating “to make a new easy button for enterprise smart contract oracles.”

 The trader adds that this new collaboration will integrate Chainlink into the Provide  API, offering enterprises a low-code framework for building with Chainlink.

“This will  allow developers to access Chainlink data feed by way of the Provide API,  enable simple turnkey deployment of Chainlink nodes into your own infrastructure, and allow enterprises to consume premium Chainlink data without needing to acquire or  hold cryptocurrency to interact with the network,”

Importantly, Swope points out that the involvement of Chainlink is much deeper and it is also related to Microsoft. In particular, Aaron Wright, co-founder of OpenLaw, the smart contracts legal contract company, spoke on a Chainlink broadcast that they built MetaMask for Microsoft Office to interact with Chainlink oracle.

Hence, he believes that this close connection between Chainlink and Microsoft is a strong fundamental and ignition for sustainable growth to the moon of Chainlink.

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