Top Analyst Lists Out 3 Reasons That Ethereum Parabolic Bull Run Is Going To Come Soon

Popular crypto channel Altcoin Daily shares the top 3 reasons for their belief that the most parabolic Ethereum (ETH) bull run is going to come soon.

India to use Ethereum blockchain

India will use the Ethereum blockchain to verify diploma certificates as a new partnership with LegitDoc places India among early adopters to implement an e-governance system for higher education.

“The new system will be the world’s largest educational blockchain system, and the Maharashtra State Board of Skill Development has taken the active decision to overrule the nationwide ban on crypto technologies in order to deliver the progressive project.”

According to the channel, Ethereum (ETH) has been chosen as the decentralised ecosystem most suitable for hosting the project’s vast public blockchain, this may be due to the soon-to-be-launched Ethereum 2.0 update – which will bring immense scalability to the ecosystem.

Ether is the ‘fuel’ for apps built on the Ethereum blockchain. And, currently, it is the most popular platform for building applications. Using Ethereum has not only proven to be effective in the past but will also be cheaper than other verification methods — whether the value is monetary or in terms of the kind of effort and time required to cross-check individual claims.”

Goldman Sachs Applies for DeFi ETF

The crypto KOL highlights that the investment banking giant Goldman Sachs has filed an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission SEC for an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that would offer exposure to public companies in decentralized finance and blockchain around the globe.

Sparse on details, the filing noted that the fund would invest at least 80% of its assets into companies that advance blockchain technology and the digitization of finance.”

Altcoin Daily predicts that the markets that Goldman would be picking from would include Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Actors Are Being Paid In ETH

“Stoner Cats,” an animated web series produced by actress Mila Kunis, already has an A-list Hollywood cast including Jane Fonda, Chris Rock and Ashton Kutcher.

According to the crypto channel, to watch the first five-minute episode, viewers must purchase a non-fungible token (NFT) that is both a digital artwork of a randomly selected character from the show as well as a ticket to unlock all “Stoner Cats” episodes as they are made.

“Stoner Cats” isn’t the first creative project to try crypto crowdfunding. Earlier this month, the documentary team behind “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” raised over 1,000 ETH on Mirror, surpassing their goal in less than three days.

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