Top Altcoins With Massive Price Explosion For The Next 2021 Bull Run

Closely-followed crypto trader Ben Armstrong unveils his updated prediction for the next bull run in 2021 as Bitcoin (BTC) keeps moving back-and-forth at the $40,000 level.

“The bull run looks to be mimicking the double peak of 2013-2014. This has stunted the price movement that many in the Crypto-verse were expecting, including myself. Yes, it’s disappointing we won’t make the sky-high numbers everyone in crypto wanted to see this year. But don’t get down in the dumps. We’re still gonna make Crypto-level gains,” the trader says.

Cardano (ADA)

The analyst strongly states that Cardano (ADA) is going to be the next big mover in crypto without any doubt.

I believe in Cardano so much that I bought a million dollars worth of it. It’s my best-performing asset by a longshot in my portfolio. While I’ve made a huge amount of money in ADA, it’s still got a lot of room to grow.”

The trader says that the Goguen era is on its way to launch on Cardano’s roadmap, meaning that smart contracts will be live on Cardano by the end of summer, “that alone is enough to keep me bullish on ADA,”

At the time of writing, ADA was trading at $1.28. Armstrong bullishly predicts that ADA will hit $8 by the end of this cycle.

Binance (BNB)

Although the trader says that Binance (BNB) is a dark horse on his altcoin radar and is facing all sorts of crosswinds, the Binance ecosystem is growing steadily. His price prediction for BNB for this cycle is the peak of $1500.

At the press time, BNB is at $314.

Chainlink (LINK)

Chainlink is the analyst’s long-term holding. The trader says that the coin is doing so well despite the recent price manipulation.

The LINK token has so much potential, all the right tech, a staggering amount of quality partnerships, and a solid community of LINK Marines,”

The trader predicts that LINK will reach $150 for this run that would mean a market cap of around $66 billion, which would put it firmly back in the top 10.

LINK was trading at $19.03 at the press time.

Vechain (VET)

VeChain (VET) is another coin whose upside got nerfed due to the manipulation in this cycle. The crypto KOL was hoping to see VET break $1, but a more conservative but still very profitable 75¢ for this cycle is still in play.

Don’t forget that VeChain is Chinese-based crypto that’s focused on shipping logistics, among other things. The government of China is so impressed by VET that it’s given them a pass to keep developing even though the government is shutting down most other cryptos in China. VET is less than a dime right now, so that’s over a 7X return if you bought it today,”

Polkadot (DOT)

Started by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood and Silicon Valley bros Robert Habermeier and Peter Czaban, the analyst highlights that Polkadot has a lot of money behind it and some seriously smart leadership. But development on Polkadot has been kind of quiet lately, and there haven’t been many, if any, major announcements from the project in quite a while.

Yet, the trader still believes that the price potential for DOT is strong when its mainnet is fully launched and he hopes that Polkadot will hit $150 at its peak.

Ripple (XRP)

“XRP is going to be one of the best gainers for 2021. Once all the legal FUD clears out, XRP is going to rip. Sitting at less than 80¢ as of the recording of this video, it’s definitely still a steal.”

The crypto strategist points out that there’s so much behind the scenes happening with XRP and its integration with the Digital Currency Group. XRP is going to quickly become the preferred crypto for interbank transfers and settlements.

With so much momentum, the trader expects to see XRP easily breaking $15, peaking out around $22.

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum was going to hit the stratosphere this year, and I wasn’t the only one preaching that message. What no one could predict though is how fast and violently the manipulators would attack the market, turn their attention to accumulating Ethereum before it went to proof-of-stake.”

According to the trader, the smart money knows ETH is going to have a dynamic future, so even though the big money is flexed on the bull run, there’s still plenty of room for Ethereum to make new all-time highs.

Armstrong highlights a bullish sign that ETH has broken its 50-day MA. He predicts Ethereum will still break $10,000 this cycle, setting it up for a truly historic run in the next bull run.

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