Top 6 altcoins that are set to explode in 2022

High-profile crypto trader Austin Arnold from Altcoin Daily shares with his subscribers 6 altcoins with explosive potential to put eyes on in 2022.

Polygon (MATIC)

First on the list is Polygon (MATIC). According to the trader, DraftKings, valued at nearly $20 billion on the public market, has recently tapped Polygon for support custom NFT drops and secondary-market transactions.

“The move will allow the sports betting platform to contribute to Polygon’s governance. This sports betting giant is going all-in on the Ethereum layer 2 application with a partnership that could make it one of the blockchain’s largest governors.”

The trader says that although DraftKings Marketplace is still in its nascency, they are bullish on the possibilities that blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrency and more will present as they prepare for Web 3.0 alongside Polygon and the new innovations ahead for digital collectibles.

Polkadot (DOT)

Next on the list is Polkadot (DOT). The eighth biggest blockchain by market cap has been making headlines in October. The crypto KOL, founder Gavin Wood claimed that Polkadot’s treasury had more than 18 million DOT (or $806,118,291) for building and improving the Polkadot ecosystem, based on what the governance community felt was “valuable.”

The analyst also points out the upcoming price catalysts for DOT in which 11 parachain auctions are starting from 11 November.

“The 100 slots could boost Polkadot’s presence in the crypto sector, and parachain perks like forkless upgrades could cement the multi-chain system’s rising status.”

Vechain (VET)

As the trader says, the popular enterprise-friendly blockchain project VeChain has announced a new partnership deal with the world’s largest logistics company DHL to issue non-fungible tokens on the VeChainThor blockchain.

“The partnership will likely propel VeChain’s NFT ecosystem into the limelight if the digital arts go viral, especially since gas fees on Vechain are cheaper when compared to other legacy blockchain networks,” the crypto KOL says.

Arnold also highlights corporations that have started using the VeChain blockchain include: BMW (which uses VeChain to prevent odometer fraud in automobile sales), LVMH (which uses VeChain to track luxury leather goods), Walmart (which uses VeChain to track food provenance).

Cardano (ADA)

One of the biggest announcements from the Cardano Summit concluded in September was the $100 million investment in Cardano-focused projects by EMURGO.

“Through EMURGO, Cardano would invest in a number of startup projects to boost the adoption of the blockchain. The project has set its sights on Africa for a while, a budding hub for cryptocurrency innovation. It plans to give the projects the needed boost to bring their projects to the ecosystem.”

Not only in Africa, but the trader also points out that Cardano also recently announced a partnership with DISH’s telecom services, a fortune-500 American television satellite provider, which is likely to boost Cardano’s adoption and benefiting DISH’s users with 8 million digital identities on phones satellite.

Chainlink (LINK)

One of the reasons for Arnold’s bullish on Chainlink is the fact that it has a first-mover advantage and data feed communications.

“Chainlink is the most widely used decentralized Oracle Network, currently securing billions in US Dollar value for live applications across numerous blockchains and use cases.”

Moreover,  the project has a ton of exclusive big Partnerships with big companies. Google and also Oracle. Over 75 different blockchains already used Chainlink Technology as well as being used by many data feeds, including USD currency pairs.

In August, Chainlink ecosystem continued its upward trajectory with 76 new integrations. September eclipsed this momentous growth with 84 new integrations including Cardano’s strategic collaboration to integrate Chainlinks oracles and Chainlink’s proof of reserve data feed for wrapped Filecoin on Gemini.

Ethereum (ETH) 

According to the strategist, a major upgrade for the Ethereum (ETH) network just got another update on its calendar as an important step towards a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, the Merge, is now expected to happen in May or June next year.

As of the video, Arnold also updates that since the EIP-1559 launch, over 542,000 ETH have been burned, equivalent to $2 billion dollars.

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