Top 5 Undervalued Altcoins With Massive Potential In May 2022

We’ve seen a little bit of a rise in the market, which is good. However, there are still some coins down low. This is a great opportunity to pick up some coins that have great potential.

In the latest video, Joe Parys has revealed the top 5 undervalued altcoins to multiply my money in the month of May, with excellent long-term potential.

Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform that says its goal is to allow “changemakers, innovators, and visionaries” to bring about positive global change. The open-source project also aims to “redistribute power from unaccountable structures to the margins to individuals.”

ADA whales have been dumped over the past few months. But they are starting to accumulate. The ADA whales addresses holding 1 million to 10 million ADA are accumulating their bags over the last five weeks and this is totaled over 196 million ADA

This is after following a seven-month stretch of dumping and Cardano being the ninth largest market cap asset. Moreover, you can start buying NFTs over on Cardano. For all of these reasons, you can see despite the progress and the growth the coin has been going down so many do believe that ADA remains undervalued and this is why it is your first undervalued all coin in May 2022.

Cronos (CRO)

The second undervalued altcoin is Cronos (CRO). The community has been really vocal with regards to the changes to the card program announced yesterday. They care deeply about the community.

The price of CRO has been dumped and went all the way back down to $0.5. But this was the opportunity to get into this altcoin. And what happened was Cronos continued to keep building they got a bunch of sponsorships. They can get new all-time highs, and they burned a bunch of tokens.

They’re not just giving away a ton of tokens. In fact, they did make another announcement. Chris, the CEO of  said that the community has been very vocal regarding the changes to the card program, and instead of eliminating staking completely.

They’re going to be offering a more balanced approach 8% APY for private members. This is the right direction. They have a mainnet upgrade and Chris also did hint at new things coming to the Cronos ecosystem. More people are going to start building on that and it could be the next BNB or some sort of chain where people actually start using it.

Velas (VLX)

The third undervalued altcoin is Velas (VLX). Velas is the world’s fastest EVM Blockchain enabling up to 75,000 tx/s, processed instantly, with the highest security out there, at almost for free. Velas Ecosystem consists of decentralized products built on top of its chain.

Velas is the fastest EVM chain to compete with Ethereum 2.0. It’s also a fork of Solana embedded with EVM integration. It means that it’s really fast and cheap. These are two really cool things that when it comes to crypto can make the building really easy for new developers. This market cap is literally only $300 million. This is truly a sleeping gem that a lot of people have not woken up. 


The fourth undervalued altcoin is going to be BSCPAD (BSCPAD). BSCPAD aims to become the next evolution of blockchain launchpads solving the fundamental flaws that plague existing launchpads. This platform benefits all holders of the token and allows for fair launches.

This coin has stood the test of time. It has been around for more than a year, which shows that there is long-term sustainability with this project. The price could potentially go up for BSCPAD as more and more people want to get access to MoveZ. This is why it is your fourth undervalued altcoin on the list. 

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

The fifth and final undervalued altcoin is Star Atlas (ATLAS). Star Atlas is a massively multiplayer online game that takes place in a virtual gaming metaverse. It is being built on Unreal Engine 5, allowing the game to feature cinema-quality, real-time environments.

This is a coin that’s been on Solana. Once Solana gets its act together and starts working better, we can see Star Atlas going to the moon and beyond. 

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