Top 5 projects on Cardano ecosystem you should watch out, according to Coin Bureau

Popular crypto channel Coin Bureau shares with their subscribers the top 5 projects on Cardano with strong fundamentals that are primed to explode.

According to Coin Bureau, besides taking advantage of Cardano projects milestone by investing in ADA, joining the Cardano ecosystem which is about to explode is also another optimal option. Investing in early-stage enterprises with modest market capitalizations has huge potential nowadays.

“Over the course of three months, Cardano’s ecosystem grew to include more than 100 projects. Therefore, DeFi to NFT initiatives will continue this tendency to grow.”

Sundaeswap (SUNDAE)

SundaeSwap is a decentralized exchange built for the Cardano blockchain. It allows participants of the blockchain to provide liquidity and create a market for others to exchange their native tokens. In return, swappers pay a small fee and liquidity providers earn a return on their deposit.

“Sundaeswap is an AMM DEX like Uniswap, and it is also hoping to become Cardano’s leading DEX, as well as a hub for initial DEX offerings or IDOs for new Cardano projects,”

Ardana (DANA)

Ardana is an asset-backed stablecoin protocol and decentralized exchange stable asset liquidity pool built on Cardano. The stablecoin is overcollateralized with on-chain Cardano native assets and the decentralized exchange allows for highly capital efficient trading between stablecoins.

As Coin Bureau says, Ardana will be the MakerDAO of Cardano, meaning it will make it possible to mint a US dollar stablecoin called sUSD using ADA as collateral.

Remarkably, Ardana team is comprised of technical talent of reputable companies and blockchain projects such as Apple, Microsoft, Barclays, the Central Bank of Jordan, Jane Street, Mina Protocol, Cardano, the Plutus Pioneers Program and Emurgo Academy.

Meld (MELD)

MELD is a decentralized and trustless lending protocol built on the Cardano Blockchain using smart contracts and governed by the MELD token.

“Simply put, it is a DeFi project that allows anyone to use their crypto assets to get instant cash loans and also allows investors to leverage their fiat investments to generate better returns. In addition, MELD also provides a range of products, including MELD debit cards, which can also be used to open a line of credit against crypto investments.”

The trader also highlights that Meld is a DeFi protocol comparable to Aave on Ethereum, meaning it makes it possible to lend and borrow tokens on Cardano.

Drunken Dragon Games (FT)

Drunken Dragon Games is an NFT game on Cardano akin to Axie Infinity on Ethereum.

Pixel Tiles are collectible and tradable tokens (FTs) that live on the Cardano Blockchain. They represent adventurers that players will send into epic quests, and furniture that they will use to decorate and expand their Inn & Tavern.

“10,000 unique looking adventurers made exclusively to reward our early supporters. They will have the same functionality as Pixel Tile Adventurers, with additional balanced advantages.”

Empowa (EMP)

Empowa describes itself as the first ‘RealFi’ platform in the world, and its mission is to increase affordable housing on the African continent, starting with Mozambique.

“It is a unique decentralised property development and digital collectables platform seeking to harness the power of community to empower people mostly excluded from the financial system.”

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