Top 5 Potential Micro Cap Altcoins Set To Explode in 2022

In 2021 some Altcoins like Polygon Matic, Shiba Inu, and even Dogecoin did 100X, and even 1,000X for their investors, and if you would’ve just invested $1,000 and held onto your cryptocurrency, you could have become a crypto millionaire. 

Joe Parys, a famous entrepreneur in crypto, has suggested 5 micro-cap Altcoins in 2022 that can have massive upside potential, and the best part is, some of these are already on the market and some of these haven’t even hit the market yet, giving you the chance to get in first.


The first altcoin on the list is Cybertrade. Dominate the city in this revolutionary open-world MMO RPG Metaverse experience build on Binance Smart Chain. 

There are over 175,000 registers. Players can get a free fighter skin for free. 

It’s a unique online world crypto immersive experience with a breathtaking storyline waiting for you to become the main character. It’s going to be played to earn have some incredible NFTs.

Cybertrade has some of the biggest partnerships and backers. Cybertrade only has a 30 million dollar market cap. 

Hololoot (HOL)

The second one is Hololoot (HOL). Hololoot is the first  AR NFT generator, marketplace, and metaverse. 

Users can create, buy, or activate an AR NFT and then interact with the virtual NFT asset. Hololoot is also looking to bring the metaverse to life. There’re 1 billion AR-ready devices in the world: Hololoot leverages this to bring the metaverse to your living room.

Generate incredible AR-enabled 3D assets and mint them as NFTs in a few clicks. Then view, play, or trade them, all in one powerful app.

WeWay (WWY)

The third is WeWay (WWY). Collaborative streams with the stars, filming in music videos, exclusive NFTs, fundraising, voting, and much more! Influence the creativity of your favorite bloggers and artists, suggest ideas, support initiatives, get access to unique NFT collections!

WeWay actually just listed a few hours ago and the token went up more than 40x from its pre-sale price. 

WeWay is a way for you to get involved in creating content that will be seen by millions of collaborative streams with stars, filming, music videos, exclusive NFTs fundraising, boating and so much more. 

Creators operating on the WeWay platform can release their own NFTs and creators will be able to release any content in NFT format, it can be images, video, audio files, documents, and even 3d models. These files will get permanently tethered to the NFT and the owner can easily provide ownership rights.

Spintop (SPIN)

The next altcoin Joe mentioned is Spintop (SPIN). Spintop is the next-generation blockchain gaming hub that aims to utilize the new tools of web3 to offer a comprehensive experience for players, traders, and investors. In Spintop, we aspire to guide, discuss and supply through blockchain gaming. 

Spintop game-pedia has just launched and is listed today and game-pedia is going to be a community-driven gaming guide that will prioritize UI and UX along with the social aspects of blockchain gaming. Users can research, find, and play new games.

Spintop is a blockchain-exclusive gaming platform where the community can discover and play games, trade tokens for NFTs, and earn together within a shared ecosystem by the moderation of a carefully curated MMR. Spintop has the tools that you will need to experience blockchain gaming to its fullest

Ridotto (RDT)

The last altcoin to mention is Ridotto (RDT). Ridotto, a cross-chain gambling, and lottery protocol will be launched on CardStarter

CardStarter, the world’s premier incubator, launchpad, and insurance program for Cardano projects, will launch Ridotto as its next IDO.

Ridotto provides full transparency by both players and liquidity providers. Operators can build the protocol, and enable users to develop unique games on their own platform. 

Ridotto has partnered with some of the biggest players in the Cardano ecosystem. Their Twitters and Linkedin are very professional. That will create the pump of Ridotto. 

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