Top 5 NFT Tokens To 100x Your Crypto Portfolio, According to Top Crypto Strategist

Top analyst Randall Trzaska from Crypto Love unveils the top 5 NFT coins with massive 100x gain potential as the NFT sector is gradually gaining its popularity back.

Illuvium (ILV)

The first NFT project on the list is Illuvium (ILV), an open-world fantasy battle game built on the Ethereum blockchain. Often touted as the first AAA game on Ethereum, Illuvium looks to provide a source of entertainment to both casual gamers and hardcore DeFi fans through a range of collecting and trading features.

At the time of the video, the ILV was trading at $236.7 with a market cap of $150.9 million.

As the trader explains, Each Illuvial is represented by a unique non-fungible token (NFT) and can be freely traded on external exchange platforms and the gas-free IlluviDEX. They can also be fused into more powerful forms, and come in normal, holographic and dark holographic variants which are considerably more scarce.

“Unlike most other blockchain-powered games, Illuvium features a fully 3D environment, with over 100 unique Illuvials found scattered throughout its various regions. Each Illuvial is designed by a team of world-class artists, ensuring it appeals to players accustomed to big-budget retail games.”

Unisocks (SOCKS)

Next on the list is Unisocks (SOCKS), an “experimental” NFT listed on the Uniswap exchange, which represents a real pair of limited edition and dynamically priced socks that users can purchase from anywhere in the world.

At the time of the video, the SOCKS was trading at $89,340 with a market cap of $27 million.

“Holders of SOCKS can sell them through the Unisocks platform anytime they want. Furthermore, it can also be used to redeem the pair of socks that the token represents.

However, Trzaska warns that Unisocks is one of the experimental projects on the protocol, which means that it’s very risky to invest in. Anyone with an ERC-20 compliant token can purchase SOCKS. Every time a SOCKS is purchased, its value increases, which is what is referred to as the “bonding curve” model.

Aavegotchi (GHST)

Aavegotchi (GHST) is the third NFT project on the crypto KOL’s radar. Aavegotchi is a DeFi-focused NFT that runs on the Aave protocol. Simply put, Aavegotchis are game avatars that can be used as DeFi collateral to earn staking rewards.

At the time of the video, the GHST was trading at $1.85 with a market cap of $105.8 million.

The special feature of Aavegotchis is that they are playable assets that also act as collateral on DeFi networks.

“Unlike other NFTs, they have inherent benefits in the industry where their value surpasses the gaming prospects. To interact with a Gotchi, DeFi users need to stake a select group of tokens known as aTokens such as LINK (aLINK) and USDC (aUSDC) into a Gotchi.”


Fourth on the list is NFTX (NFTX), the most bullish project under analyst Trzaska’s radar.

NFTX is a community-owned protocol and platform for creating NFT. Notably, NFTX powers the creation and trading of funds, tracking sought-after NFT collectibles such as CryptoKitties, CypherPunks and others.

At the time of the video, the NFTX was trading at $145 with a market cap of $61 million.

The main business case for the project is to bridge the gap between decentralized finance and NFTs. The NFTX platform supports two types of funds, D1 and D2 funds:

“D1 funds have a 1:1 ratio backing involving an NFT and an Ethereum-based ERC20 contract.”

NFTX seeks growth through offering NFT-ERC-20 loans and on-chain liquidity. For the loans, NFT holders don’t have to relinquish ownership, while on-chain liquidity helps curb illiquidity and wash trading.


Last 100x NFT project is Lukso (LYXe). LUKSO is a multiverse blockchain network where the worlds of fashion, gaming, design and social media intersect.

At the time of the video, LYXe was trading at $10.44 with a market cap of $155.6 million.

LUKSO, the Blockchain for the new digital lifestyle is created by former Ethereum Developer Fabian Vogelsteller, author of ERC20 and ERC725, developer of web3.js and the Mist Browser.

LUSKO focuses on bringing Blockchain to the masses, through its smart contract based blockchain, industry-involving standards processes and an innovative new direction of decentralized applications.

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