Top 5 NFT Games Set To Earn Money in The Metaverse in 2022

Blockchain Games are set to explode in 2022, enabling players all over the world to actually get some value back from the time they spend in-game.

Play to Earn games will be the only games in the future once it becomes the norm, and in the latest video, CryptoStache, a famous Youtube Channel on the crypto field, has shown 5 NFT games that are setting the standard to earn money in 2022!

Axie Infinity (AXS)

The first altcoin on CryptoStache’s list is Axie Infinity (AXS). Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based trading and battling game partially owned and operated by its players.

It’s still a game where you can make some money daily, especially if you’re good at the game. They’ve been working on the economy to release their new land, playing games, and their new battles.

The other method to make some money with Axie Infinity is by running a scholarship team. That means having the assets and then loaning them out to people who want to play the game, and you’re taking a bit of the profit. Moreover, you could earn more than a hundred dollars daily by running a sizable scholarship team for Axie Infinity.

Spider Tank

The second altcoin on the list is Spider Tanks. Spider Tanks is a blockchain-based MOBA game in which players fight against opponents on tanks. This is a game produced by Gala Games (GALA) that focused on play to earn cryptos and NFT incorporation to their games.

You can learn in many different ways and then run a scholarship team and build it into the platform. You can also earn as a fabricator. All the resources and stuff that you’re going to need to upgrade your tanks, you can actually run a fabrication shop and fabricate those things and then sell those in the marketplace.

Moreover, you can be an arena owner, another way to earn in this game. Owning the actual game maps will net you some additional revenue. Everything essentially in the game is NFT so that you can buy and sell it on the marketplace, and there are a lot of opportunities there.

War Riders (BZN)

The third altcoin is War Riders. War Riders is a next-generation, post-apocalyptic MMO driving game in which you can blow up cars and mine BZN Tokens.

The amount of money you can earn from this cryptocurrency is pretty good, especially on the weekend events when they call a high distribution event. You should compete for all the best mining spots and grab that BZN.

BZN has done a pretty big price appreciation over the last couple of months, even though it’s taken a little bit of a dip recently.

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

The next altcoin to keep an eye on is Star Atlas (ATLAS). Star Atlas is a massively multiplayer online game in a virtual gaming metaverse. It is built on Unreal Engine 5, allowing the game to feature cinema-quality, real-time environments.

Star Atlas is coming to Solana. This is a very ambitious game, and there are many moving parts. This is the time to be getting in on all the asset sales.

Players can buy spaceships for this game, and there’s a staking game that allows you to earn their native currency ATLAS tokens.

Players can stake their fleet or loan their fleet out to a Star Atlas to go out there and keep peace in the systems and earn some ATLAS tokens.

Blankos Block Party (TBA)

The last altcoin to mention is Blankos Block Party (TBA). Blankos Block Party is an MMO set in a vibrant online world styled like a giant block party, focusing on custom art and design, world-building and exploration, and collecting unique Blankos.

This is a multiplayer, play-to-earn game technically built on a side chain or a version of EOS software.

They have seasons where players can earn rewards, but it unlocks their ability to earn top-tier NFTs that you can sell later in the marketplace. There are rare NFTs because most people don’t get the entire thing to unlock. So during each season, there’s a very small amount of people who can put in the amount of time it takes to unlock all these things.

If you can do that and get one of the low mints, you can be one of the first people to mint those Blankos in the party pass or their paid party pass plus, then that’s something that can yield quite a bit of reward.

Blankos Block Party also allows people to buy and sell in their marketplace and earn the NFTs. They are getting for free as they play the game and level up.

They’ve partnered with Amazon Gaming, and they’re doing Amazon Gaming drops so Blankos is going big, and it is a game not to be missed out.

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