Top 5 Micro Low Cap Altcoin Gems for June 2021, according to Altcoin Daily

In a recent video, the popular crypto channel Altcoin Daily shares with their subscribers the top low cap altcoin gem projects with massive potential to moonshot.

MINA Protocol (MINA)

First on their list is Mina Protocol (MINA), describing itself as the world’s lightest blockchain powered by its participants.

“While other blockchains will continue to increase in size (we know this every blockchain that adds a block, the blockchain gets bigger), Mina‘s value prop is that their blockchain will stay 22 kilobytes forever…every user acts as a full node so decentralization and permissionlessness are important to them”.

The reason for that is because MINA uses one of the well-known cryptographic techniques called zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SNARKs). According to Altcoin Daily, Instead of verifying the entire chain from the beginning of time, participants are ‘fully’ verifying the network and transactions using recursive zero-knowledge proofs.

Moreover, it is notable that the project is being supported by some of the biggest investors including Three Arrows Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Paradigm, Polychain.

Tronpad (TRONPAD)

The next coin on Altcoin Daily’s radar is also another newly launched project called Tronpad (TRONPAD).

“They’re supported by Binance. Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world covering the east and the west. Binance Smart Chain Pad and Tron have partnered together for Tron Pad – Tron’s first IDO launchpad”.

Olympus (OHM)

Olympus (OHM) is the next low cap altcoin on the list. OHM is a floating algorithmic currency that promotes stability and predictability without a peg.

With a market cap of just $68 million, Altcoin Daily says OlympusDAO might have gone unnoticed by many investors. However, it has a mechanism called Bonds which promises to be one most important and lucrative in the DeFi sector.

“According to research firm Messari, this protocol is attempting to create a stable currency backing every OHM with DAI and OHM-DAI. The objective is to maintain a “fundamental check on inflation” and a currency with an undiluted purchasing power”.


The fourth coin on the list is Fear NFTs (FEAR), developing horror games on Ethereum blockchain. One of the reasons FEAR is on the crypto channel list is that they already have success with half a billion players.

“Tons of YouTubers with millions and millions of views and millions of millions of followers playing their original game called Whack”.

Moreover, the FEAR utility token offers loyalty incentives but the game is accessible even with fiat. all game transactions facilitate FEAR tokenms liquidity.

Virtue Poker (VPP)

The last coin is Virtue Poker (VPP). According to the analyst, the project has successfully raised $5M ahead of its mainnet launch.

Virtue Poker claims to be the only blockchain-based company to be licensed by the Malta’s gambling regulator. The platform aims to use smart contracts and sidechain infrastructure to bring greater transparency to online gambling with regard to withdrawals and other functions”.

The channel says that the project is among a crop of startups exploring gambling use cases on the blockchain, including a casino in Decentraland hiring real-life workers to staff virtual tables.

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