Top 5 low-cap gamefi projects for 100x gain in 2021 (part 1)

Widely-followed crypto channel Altcoin Buzz shares with their subscribers 5 low-cap gamefi projects that have potential to grow from small-cap to large-cap in 6 months.

Mech Master (MECH)

Mech Master (MECH) is a first-ever 3D Mecha NFT game, with both AR and VR technologies implemented.

“We figure there will be more to come soon since Mecha is a popular type of anime. Besides being first, Mech Master has AR and VR capabilities, and you can become part of the Mech Master Metaverse AR by owning a 3D Model of a Mecha.”

The trader shares a list of pretigious investors behind the project, including Ice Tea Labs, Youbi Capital, DAO MakerMagnus Capita. He also shares that the native token MECH launched in an IDO/IGO on Red Kite and GameFi in mid-late October.

Sin City Metaverse (SIN)

Sin City Metaverse is a GTA style game that takes place on the streets of an R-rated underworld. The crypto KOL unveils that th metaverse includes 15,000 plots of digital land and an in-game token of SIN.

“This platform is a play-to-earn game where you earn SIN based on your illicit underworld activities. There’s even a virtual casino that uses the Tezos blockchain to be provably fair.”

Meta Spatial (SPAT)

Meta Spatial takes its inspiration from sci-fi novels and uses its Spatial Portal to connect universes. The platform will develop the spaces in this universe based on confirmations and votes from its DAO community.

The crypto KOL highlights that by having a DAO that players can join, they not only get to voice their opinions, but more importantly, they get to feel a sense of ownership of the game.

“They are likely to play the game longer and use the SPAT token more often than less engaged players.”

My Master War (MAT)

My Master War (MAT) is a gaming ecosystem with the difference that blockchain technology is applied to the game along with the Free Play to Earn and Profit Sharing model.

“Unlike many other NFT Games, the My Master War does not require players to spend any money to start playing.”

On the other hand, Altcoin Buzz points out that Ice Tea Labs is involved with this game. Therefore, DAO Maker, Raptor Capital, Animoca Brands, Red Kite and GameFI are also involved in this project. Also, My Master War used Red Kite for its IDO and GameFI for its IGO.

Dark Frontier (DARK)

Dark Frontier is a space-age game designed to promote more use cases for NFTs. The game uses NFTs for staking.

“You can bet its native token called DARK for a 215% APY right now.”

According to the trader, the game also uses NFTs for ownership of items and the purchase, sale, and development of value for in-game items. Players can merge 2 NFTs into a more significant, more valuable, and rarer NFT. So this game has both mint and burns features in it.

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